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Unforgettable Journeys: Extraordinary journeys for extraordinary people

Traveling makes you happy. Sustainably happy. Especially when the trip can do more than meet your expectations. Unforgettable Journeys creates extraordinary unique travel items, custom-made for each customer. In spectacular nature that is euphoric. With experiences that touch and surprise. To places that inspire. In which luxury, nature and originality are in harmony. Wherever it becomes clear: real pioneers are and were at work here.

Your temporary home base: unique lodges, ships, domes, luxurious travel experiences that are perfectly tailored to you, your wishes and your dreams. 100 percent individual! And guaranteed different: intense, inspiring, touching. And full of surprises, encounters and adventures that you will never forget. Every trip is unique: for you, for your family, for your friends with whom you want to travel. Experience the journey of a lifetime with Unforgettable Journeys.

Unforgettable Journeys: inspiring, intense, touching
Travel instead of being traveled. Experience instead of watching. Encounter each other in unique places as a couple, with family or among friends. Trying out the unusual instead of repeating the familiar. Immerse instead of consuming. Really get involved instead of just watching. Unforgettable Journeys is the tour operator for people who are curious about the world, who like to break new ground and who have the courage for the great adventure of life. What could something like that look like? A gourmet picnic on the perfect secluded beach - just for you. Explore the most breathtaking reefs by private submarine. Sit under the starry sky with an astronomy professor and have the universe explained to you - with a glass of wine. Climb on a rope into a rugged canyon and then let the private chef pamper you by the campfire before snuggling into bed in your luxury tent. What really makes you happy is the mix: being active - and calming down; dare something - and relax; be on the move - in a wide variety of ways, on foot, by boat, by yacht, camel or horse. And always meet exciting people who inspire you: creative winemakers, top-class natural scientists, casual adventure guides ...

About Julia Malchow

Julia Malchow, founder, is considered a pioneer in the German travel market. She invented the travel type "Experience Luxury" and consistently developed these small, fine experiences that make a big difference for her customers. ErlebnisLuxus stands for a casual type of luxury travel that combines barefoot luxury with unique experiences: individual, tailor-made travel for each customer that has never existed and never will be again.

As an entrepreneur, before Unforgettable Journeys, she had already built up, managed and led several companies to market success - not only in the travel industry, but also in service design, e-mobility and management consulting.

As a successful author, she has dealt intensively with the incomparable value of travel. The basis is an education as a doctor of economics and in intercultural management in Munich and Barcelona.


The Unforgettable Journey Story

The success of Unforgettable Journeys is - as is often the case - a meeting of unique ingredients.

A pioneer who has traveled extensively in over 90 countries and created a formula for luxury experience. A market niche that does not see travel as a vacation, but interweaves worldwide, spectacular nature, extraordinary accommodations, unique experiences in breathtaking, individual travel routes.

A form of travel that combines barefoot luxury with access to extraordinary people, places and adventures.

An entrepreneur who has already successfully founded companies in the past and knows that only a high level of expertise and experience can create the confidence to trigger individual moments of happiness.

A team that is enthusiastic about being able to work with these extraordinary ingredients.

Customers who immerse themselves in strange, exciting worlds and become regular customers.

Spectacular nature that is discovered in a wide variety of forms: by hot air balloon, on a vintage motorcycle with a sidecar, on the back of a horse, camel or yak, in a private submarine or airplane, on comfortable expedition ships, on a climbing rope, by canoe or yacht , in the luxury train or on foot.

Unique experiences such as a private concert in the middle of the desert, a gourmet picnic in the tops of a sacred tree, a wine tasting with a creative winemaker on his private hacienda, a de-luxe barbecue on an uninhabited island and, and, and ...

Exceptional overnight accommodations: from enchanted palaces to comfortable yurts, from luxury tents to shining silver Airstream campers to private sailing yachts, from 5-star tree houses to luxury cabanas on a secluded beach - your temporary home base is always perfect Integrated into nature, architecturally sophisticated, stylish but casual.

Greetings from the founder

I am Julia Malchow

Graduated scientist, entrepreneur, world traveler and successful book author for 20 years.
I worked in strategic management consulting and executive coaching for a number of years.
I have published a book at the renowned Piper Verlag about the inspiring transformative power of travel and encouraged numerous readers to shape their lives according to their own rules.
I have traveled extensively in more than 90 countries and spend more than 100,000 euros annually on (incognito) trips.
Often it was only after intensive on-site research that I knew what I could ideally experience - the information from glossy magazines, the web, tour operators and local service providers are often too confusing, sponsored promotions or simply false marketing promises.

I founded unforgettable journeys to offer an innovative, casual, wild, innovative form of luxury travel in Germany: luxury experience. An intense special form of luxury that is intense and lasting. Of which something remains. Forever.

In order to offer my discerning customers an honest high-end travel service on an equal footing, which they gladly accept and indulge in and which gives them what they need and deserve: extraordinary, unforgettable experiences. Your life, your rules. I look forward to meeting you!


My thoughts behind it

Special moments and extraordinary experiences are what make life.
These are the stories that stay, that take me further.
Traveling is so much more than visiting places or relaxing in beautifully designed surroundings.
When traveling, all senses are open, the intensity that can arise while traveling is magical.
That is why the chance of having these extraordinary intense experiences on the go is so high.
For me, travel is not an escape from everyday life, not an escapism, but an engine and a source of inspiration. Life and travel are intertwined.
For me, traveling is an intense way of feeling and sharing my entire personality and that of my family, of sharing and connecting with them.
More important than material professional success is how I experience myself and my environment. The extraordinary experiences while traveling are a powerful vehicle for this.

And: every person is unique. I celebrate this uniqueness. I love to see the differences and peculiarities, the curves and corners, the (supposed) imperfections, to see, to understand, to celebrate what makes the character, the difference. We are all unique. And I celebrate and strengthen that with our travels.
It's not about finding the new hot spot, going even further into solitude, but rather experiencing special places in a special way.

The "HOW" of travel is crucial.

This how is my understanding of luxury: because for every person there is a very personal and unique HOW.

It works
we don't just sell hotels and flights, we also sell the design of the days, which is why our trips seem more expensive. However, they are worth every euro. You know that after the first trip we designed.

80 percent regular customers
high recommendation rate
7-digit sales and above-average growth
you know me and us from the press
Our customers love us and our travel experiences
We are a member of the most important visionary international luxury travel communities - by invitation only - Pure and Emotions

Dear travelers,
Don't run the risk of not experiencing the world, not experiencing the life that ideally you could experience.
Do not run the risk of not experiencing what corresponds to your extraordinary personality and your demanding life while traveling.
On extraordinary journeys, share with your family the experiences that make you feel who you are and what you are for each other. Also and precisely because time is often short in everyday life.

Your unforgettable journey, your rules


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  • Your travel planning and accessibility was very good. They responded individually to all of our wishes and put together a very good trip. During the trip you were always available to us and dedicated to our problems. Thank you for that and keep it up! Many thanks also to your partners in Peru. Everything there was excellently planned and carried out just as perfectly.
    Madlen K. and Michael H.
  • Thank you very much for your excellent work. As expected, the highlight of the trek was in Ladakh. With double Indian army sleeping bags we defied even the -20 ° in Nimaling. We have converted the rest day into a hotel day at Omasilah to keep it cold. Due to the change from Nepal to India, the time for the trek was quite late - the big plus was that there were no other tourists on the way, the very cold temperatures and the insecurity of getting over the snowy passes with the horses were disadvantageous. With a little luck and an excellent Passang guide, we have also mastered the high Kongmaru La pass. The India Week was very interesting with everything that goes with it.
    Family S.
  • Luxury travel with Unforgettable Journeys: "My husband and I had an unforgettable trip to the Galapagos Islands with Unforgettable Journeys, it was a complete success. We had a lot of fun island hopping, we were well informed about the nature and the sights. Our trip included everything our heart desires: kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and romantic walks on the beach. We even saw turtles, rays and penguins, felt like we were in paradise. We got a tailor-made trip that perfectly met our needs Thank you for the perfectly organized trip! "
    Petra & Rolf
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