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In the style of the Little Prince, who explained to me as a child that you can only see clearly with the heart and that what is really important is invisible to the eyes ... I also look at traveling. Always. And the more I travel, the more. Because: of course there are highlights, photos from books or Instagram that are burned in and scream "I want to" too. However: the touching and important places on my travels were mostly not the ostensibly spectacular. There are places in nature that speak to me. And there are houses: that were conceived from a vision. Or from infinite love. Created by exciting people, once inhabited by unique people - and their spirit, their history, their feelings have somehow moved there. You live there and take pleasure in enriching the people who come to visit. To touch. To challenge. With thoughts and emotions that just come and have become indispensable.

Today I am sharing three of my secrets with you and you. Places I recently visited, alone, with family, with a friend - and which bring silent tears of happiness to my eyes just thinking about them.

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About one of these places has that Design magazine IDEAT raved when it called us experts for extraordinary accommodations in the most remote corners of the world: based on a moon landing, in a spectacular wasteland and almost challenging extreme thoughts. Sustainable, brave and only there to shower crazy people with euphoria.

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In this historic private villa that was once home to the Colombian Ex-President Belisario Betancourt was, guests such as the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the artist David Manzur stayed. Today it opens its doors to selected guests who want to experience the magic of Barichara, as the most beautiful colonial city Colombia applies and is a paradise for artists and craftsmen. Thanks to its location next to the Chicamocha Canyon, Barichara is an ideal place for outdooradventure and extreme sports, but also a perfect retreat for those who want to relax, do yoga or enjoy art and culture while strolling through the cobblestone streets of the city.And this filigree combination of art and action has a magical effect on my inner life. I'm looking forward to going back in October and continuing our story.

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Imagine living in the middle of the Andes in Chilean Patagonia on a farm with organic plantations, meltwater and native forests. A place where you have all the comfort you need and which is surrounded by one of the most impressive landscapes in the world. The main objective in this part Patagonia is the creation of sustainable lifestyles. It is an economic model based on principles that regenerate the land without using it. Feel what it means to really live in harmony with nature. In a community of values full of respect. Surrounded by wonderful design and inspiring people. A travel here makes the world a little better. Also and especially with Children an exciting and far-reaching journey.

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Where do you want your next trip to go? If you need more ideas, get inspiration here or give us a call for an inspiring conversation

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Your Dr. Julia Malchow
Owner & Founder

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Just because it's not on our website doesn't mean we don't "have" your trip.

We at unforgettable journeys plan the journey of YOUR life individually for you.

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