Humid. Striking. Passionate. Argentina is a passionate love affair. Argentina’s bustling neighborhoods are the perfect contrast to the wild beauty of its mountain ranges, waterfalls and wildlife. An enticing blend of Latin American flair, European heritage and epic natural landscapes, Argentina will captivate you with its heady gaucho, tango and strong red wine. Dive under the surface of Buenos Aires and be seduced by an experienced guide. Experience the rage of the colossal Iguazu Falls. Dance the night away in an atmospheric tango bar. Embark on an exciting off-road adventure in the heart of the Carbajal and Tierra Mayor valleys. Take a boat trip to a secluded spot on the shores of Lake Fagnano and enjoy a private barbeque lunch. Ride the Gauchos in Cordoba and get the best seats for the Argentine Open Polo or improve your skills in an exclusive Polo Estancia.

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Take a tour to the world famous wineries in the Mendoza Valley. Take a spectacular helicopter flight over the Andes and land on the summit of Cerro Le’Cloche. Experience the legendary mountains of Southern Patagonia on a private plane safari. Watch the majestic migration of southern right whales off the peninsula of Valdez. Make yourself at home in glamorous old world hotels in Buenos Aries, wineries, estancias, eco lodges, rustic characterful ranches. Luxury and individual travel Argentina: wild & casual. Inspiration for world changers. Experience stories that reflect & enrich your personality. Unforgettable



The waterfalls between Argentina and Brazil are one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world. The waterfalls of Iguazu are 2,700 m wide and vary between 60 m and 82 m, with 80% of the cases being on the Argentine side. Enjoy the privilege of being away from mass tourism to experience these stunning, unique and overwhelming waterfalls. Start early in the morning from Awasi Iguazu and enjoy breakfast overlooking the Devil’s Maw before reaching the park from a location closer to the falls than the standard entrance. This gives you almost 30 minutes more time to experience the falls alone before the official entrance opens its doors.


One of the most impressive but incredibly elusive and recognizable animals in Patagonia is the Puma. The Puma is the largest mountain lion in the world and the largest native mammal in the region. Those who have the opportunity to experience this big cat in the wild make a unique and unforgettable experience. Embark on a fast-paced adventure and tracking the Patagonian puma with tracking professionals. Watch him in his natural habitat and try to capture him with your camera. Coupled with cozy nights in the EcoCamp domes and the spectacular flora and fauna, this excursion is a must for nature and nature lovers


Terra Australis Incognito, the unknown South Country: This name was given to Tierra del Fuego by the first navigators who entered this archaic land at the end of the world. Today, the dream destination of experienced travelers, Tierra del Fuego has lost none of its mysterious mysticism. The attraction of its wild unspoiled nature is unbroken.


Few things are as exciting as watching the world’s largest mammals appear on the ocean surface. Experience up close the wonderful resident orcas, dwarf and humpback whales. The Capybara in Ibera is the largest rodent in the world! Watch as these water creatures build their nests and hunt for food and do not miss out when penguins in Iguazu nurture and care for their offspring.


The vibrant metropolis of Argentina is the epitome of zest for life. The sounds of the tango are in the air. The popular neighborhoods of Palermo, San Telmo and Recoleta exude the charm of the 1930s. Bocas also invites you for a walk with its colorful houses, but Bocas is also the heart of Argentine football with its bonbon-shaped stadium “La Bombonera”. Buenos Aires and its inhabitants the “Porteños” never sleep. You eat late, dance late and enjoy life. Gourmets will beat the heart of the excellent restaurants. Experience and live Buenos Aires.


A spectacle is the sight of the largest still growing glacier in the world. Listen to the cracking ice and see with your own eyes how meters of ice block in the offshore “Lago Argentino” clap. Take a catamaran to the huge blue-shimmering ice walls or feel the power of the glacier as Icetrekking under your feet.

Orcas auf der Peninsula Valdez


The dry peninsula that already impressed the “little prince”. Let yourself be carried away by the biodiversity. The Magellan penguins brewed right next to you and show no shyness. See lions and elephant seals lying lazily on the beach and experience with their own eyes how the orcas living there form themselves and surf with their unique fishing method to the beach to catch seals. The large, gentle South Killer whales that raise their young in the bay can be observed at close range during election observation.


The ideal destination for mountain lovers and wine connoisseurs who want to approach the most beautiful peaks of South America and relax in the evening with a glass of wine that will delight your taste buds. The perfect combination of the best climbing and abseiling areas paired with gourmet tour in the best vineyards of Mendoza. Whether adventure or gourmet experience, let yourself be inspired by the special flair of Mendoza.


As a lover of good wine you will love this stylish atmosphere. Selected, fine and high quality wines await you on this family-run estate. Enjoy the wine culture in an unbeatable environment at the foot of the Andes. Live and breathe the wine. The essence of this property, an impressive structure inspired by the geography of the country and its natural environment.


Enjoy architectural pleasure combined with a casual atmosphere in your Hideaway Estancia in a beautiful spot in Argentina. Casual shabby chic design, unobtrusive elegance and a fascinating bohemian flair paired with a relaxed lifestyle in harmony with nature. Relaxation in the highest comfort and style.


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Argentina stretches from the Tropic of Cancer south to the Antarctic Sea, with significant elevation changes from west to east, from the 7,000 meter high Andes to the sea level on the Atlantic Ocean. This geographic location explains the climatic diversity of Argentina. It is subtropical in the north, temperate in the pampas and cold in Patagonia. In some parts of the country there are frequent and very productive rainfall, in other parts there is drought. The seasons of Argentina are opposite to the European ones. The months of January and February are the hottest months when temperatures of up to 38 ° C are measured in Buenos Aires. July and August are the coldest months with temperatures ranging between 1 and 15 ° C. The average temperatures in Buenos Aires are: summer 23 ° C (high humidity), winter 12 ° C, spring and autumn 17 ° C.

Best travel time
The subtropical north should be visited during the period from May to September, while for a visit to southern Argentina (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego) the summer months from December to February / March should be counted. Otherwise, the spring (October / November) and the fall (March / April) are considered the best travel time

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Please note in this regard the information from the Auswertigen Amt.

The time difference compared to the Central European Time (CET) is – 4 hours. During summer time the time difference between Germany and Argentina is 5 hours.

The official language of Argentina is Spanish (called Castellano). Without knowledge of Spanish, freedom of movement in Argentina is limited. In Buenos Aires, English is spoken in part (hotels, larger banks, etc.).

To eat and drink
If you are going to Argentina, you will certainly think of the famous beef first and will not be disappointed. The Argentine red wine is something for the palate and the good coffee and the delicious ice cream make it clear: Argentines love good food.

How can you describe a nation? Words such as happy, wild, headstrong, proud, a bit overbearing, sociable fit very well, but to understand the way of life and mentality only one thing helps: Convince yourself!

Argentina travel with unforgettable journeys

Argentina as you have never experienced before and can only experience on our Argentina trips. Surrounded by casual and wildly interpreted luxury, you will meet fascinating people, live in outstanding lodges and marvel at breathtaking landscapes. We design your trip to Argentina so that you will have unforgettable experiences at your own pace.

Incredible natural spectacles are waiting to be discovered by you. You will feel the mighty force of the thundering waters of the Iguazu Falls and relax just a few kilometers downstream in the heart of the rainforest in complete harmony with nature. You marvel at the colors of the rock strata in the Humahuaca Gorge and the glitter of Salinas Grandes in Jujuy.

We know the most beautiful accommodations in Patagonia, which allow you to have a perfect rest, trekking experiences in a class of its own. Climbing the summits of the southern Patagonian Andes around El Chalten, such as Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, at the end of the world, hear the crackling and cracking of Perito Moreno’s glacier tongue at close range from the cruise ship before the ice splashes into the cold waters of the Beagle Channel.

On hidden trails you explore the untouched and rugged beauty of Tierra del Fuego, with its surreal landscapes and fascinating flora and fauna in the Tierre del Fuego National Park.

Whether exciting with the whole family or a romantic couple, you get to know the life of the gauchos on your trip to Argentina and ride in style through the seemingly endless wineries Mendozas, which are known worldwide for their excellent wines. Float in the seventh heaven of luxurious relaxation in the unique luxury spa of Entre Cielos in the heart of the wine paradise.

We are experts in Argentina travel, so we know where to experience the unique natural wonders. In a very special seclusion you can observe incredibly fascinating animal worlds on the Valdéz Peninsula – elephant seals, orcas and whales on the water, and countless bird species on land and in the air. In the wetlands of Lake Esteros del Ibera, you will meet capybaras and caimans and discover the nocturnal activity on the lake during a night safari.

Buenos Aires captivates with the richness of the natural experience you will experience on your trip to Argentina, with the tango of the tango and the glamorous elegance of selected hotels. With unforgettable journeys you have the guarantee for unforgettable moments. We not only plan your accommodations but also design your complete day and evening schedule according to your individual wishes, so that you can enjoy your casual and luxurious dream vacation completely carefree, flexible and independent.