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"With the comfort tent through untouched landscape"

Bhutan travel tips: Trekking in Bhutan

Imagine you are on vacation in Bhutan, shoulder your rucksack after a hearty breakfast in the sun and start hiking - through lonely valleys, along small gurgling rivulets or wilder mountain streams, up to adventurous peaks and across traditional mountain villages. The treetops of the Himalayas are enthroned high above you, but you are actually right in the middle of it.

For days you won't meet a soul, except for some playing children and farmers who look after their animals - nobody speaks your language, and definitely nobody is just visiting. You have this event all to yourself.

Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world where such completely primeval adventures are still possible, because it has only been accessible to holidaymakers for a few years. There is no talk of mass tourism, but of authentic experiences in the untouched nature of the Himalayas. But that also means that there is of course not the same infrastructure as in other countries in this region.

There are a few great hotels in and around Thimphu and Paro, but when it comes to individual trips to the landscapes off the main paths, there are simply no permanent accommodations. Here you are still dependent on tents.

But before you worry about small, uncomfortable tents, I can give you the all-clear right away. I was pregnant during my Bhutan trip and was therefore not allowed to go all the way up while trekking, but camping was no problem at all for me. You can also combine tents with luxury here and hike to the most remote corners of the country without having to forego comfort.

Bhutan Trekking: The Tents

When it comes to comfort camping in Bhutan, you have the choice between standard tents and the luxury variant. Standard tents have carpeting (hears, hears), comfortable air mattresses and proper pillows. You also get a hot water bottle to keep you warm on the cool mountain nights. Your escort team, which includes a guide, a cook and porters, set up almost a small village - a kitchen tent and a dining tent complete with table and chairs, a toilet tent, and even a shower tent with a shower bag.

With the luxury variant, comfort goes one step further. The equipment of the tents is practically the same - however, there is a gas heater in the dining tent, which provides cozy warmth during meals. A romantic campfire will also be set up in the camp. Your sleeping tent is also more luxurious, because you sleep in your lined sleeping bag in a real camping bed! Crawling into a waist-high dome tent and waking up with back pain is a thing of the past!

Bhutan Trekking: The Routes

The best thing about tent trekking is that the itinerary is totally open and your guide can take you to the most beautiful and lonely places as long as the construction of the camp is possible. For example, you could follow the legendary Druk Path, a once important trade route across the mountain range that divides the Thimphu and Paro valleys. In four days you will hike from Paro to Thimphu; You enjoy fantastic views of both places and the holy mountain Chomolhari, and climb to almost 4,000m height!

A more demanding and longer route is trekking to the base camp of Chomolhari. For nine days you will hike through huge rhododendron forests and endless valleys to Jangothang at 4,115m and the 4,820m high Yeli La Pass. Do I also have to say that the views of the high peaks of the Himalayas don't stop being stunning and inspiring? And what could be nicer after a long day on your feet than a hot shower, a warm meal and a cozy bed? No problem with comfort trekking!

Bhutan is one of those unforgettable travel destinations that nothing else can come close to. Is this how you imagined camping in the Himalayas? If you ask me, it's a real insider tip!


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