I had unforgettable moments in Botswana.

I’ve been back in Munich for a week now.

And I still feel it.

We observed a large herd of elephants at a waterhole.

A wonderful spectacle, with baby elephants and huge animals.


When suddenly a group of lionesses with their 5 kittens appeared.

To watch the elephants scare away the lions time and again,

who sneaked back in, it went back and forth.

Really nice.


Especially beautiful, of course, because we were the only people present with our one Jeep.

With the exception of one tiny exception – which still puts a smile on my face today – a Cameraman from National Geographics was also there. He is currently observing and filming the lion family for a current project.


Watching him and watching the first part of the accompanying documentary at the campfire on his laptop in the evening will never be forgotten.


And without wanting to fuel your longing for travel too much – it got even better – because: the lionesses were once driven by the elephants to our jeep. They walked very close around us. To the open jeep. We froze. No more photos. A lioness rubbed herself at the front edge of the jeep and her tail struck our car slightly. And touched my arm. My heart beat to my neck, I stopped the air. And felt a sensational feeling in me. A mixture of fear, fascination and: hasn’t that really happened now?


As I said, the evening at the campfire became long.

Such encounters are extremely rare. They happen where there are few people on the way, the animals are not disturbed by safari guests. Where the guide knows extremely well with the area and the animals. And is friends with the National Geographics team. And such little things more – that make the big difference.

Imagine you had been in the jeep. And by the campfire?

How would that have felt for you?

Kind regards

Your Dr. Julia Malchow
Owner & Founder


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