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The essence of the trip: Costa Rica travel tips - just experience pure life in harmony with nature

Although this still pristine piece of land is adorned by beautiful beaches, Costa Rica is basically a huge adventure playground. Here you will meet like-minded people who are looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, who oppose the primal forces of nature, discover untouched nature and meet indigenous peoples who still live in harmony with mother nature. Whoever gets involved and surrenders to this wild, also rough nature will feel alive and free. Get in and surrender to this wild environment.

Costa Rica's charm for many lies in the lush rainforests, pristine beaches and abundance of wildlife. With stunning landscapes and a wide variety of creatures - from toucans to monkeys to jaguars - it's easy to see why. Where else can you hike active volcanoes, ride through forested rainforests, and surf turquoise water in just a few days? There are plenty of outdoor activities in this compact but diverse tropical paradise. Nature lovers roam the dense jungle, beach goers stroll on the powdery sandy beaches. It's hard not to admire all the splendor of this “rich coast”.

For others, this little Latin American country has a different allure: it's a relaxed way of life. Residents - called ticos - often recite the catchphrase “pura vida” (or “pure life”). This guiding philosophy can be observed from Costa Rica's cosmopolitan capital San José to the sandy Atlantic and Pacific coasts. To really immerse yourself in the good life, sit back and admire the impressive scenery. Surround yourself with graceful butterflies in La Paz Waterfall Gardens, hike along the monumental Arenal Volcano, mingle with the locals in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, or just sit in a hammock under a palm tree along the Nicoya Peninsula. You too will discover pure life.

On this trip you can expect:

The opportunity to spend time with the very secluded Cabecar Indians, to immerse themselves in their lives and to learn from them. A privilege only granted to a few guests. is.
A special kind of rafting tour in one of the most extreme waters in the world during a three-day intensive river expedition.
To have mastered the euphoria on foot and by kayak on an expedition that took you from the most remote highlands to the wild coast. You will traverse challenging landscapes and have the chance to be inspired by deeply spiritual people
The breathtaking contrasts and landscapes that Costa Rica has to offer combined with a fantastic range of sporting adventures, from canyoning and rafting in the rainforest to kayaking and hiking along the remote Pacific coast.

The facts:

Duration: 11 days

Best travel time: May - October

Price: From 8,660 euros per person.

The price includes:

The price given above is for 1 person and includes detailed travel planning and advice, setting up the expedition and all of the nationwide logistics. This price also includes a first class guide who specializes in the chosen area, an extensive local guiding support team, training and technical equipment for the trip as well as all domestic trips, including all for

Your expedition required flights and your accommodation. Most meals and drinks are also included. However, the price may vary depending on the individual planning.

Flights: Unforgettable Journeys can organize international flights from anywhere in the world to this destination and offers both charter flights and private charters.


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