Atacama & Salar de Uyuni - through the surreality of the most dramatic landscapes in South America

The essence of the trip:

A unique expedition in which you will cross the sun-scorched Atacama Desert on horseback and by 4x4 off-road vehicle before crossing the border into Bolivia. There, head to the breathtaking backdrop of the world's largest salt flats before ascending to the top of a volcano and finishing an adventure that spans some of the most dramatic landscapes in South America.

On this trip you can expect:

  • The opportunity to experience the incredible natural landscape of the Atacama Desert on horseback and camp in the wild at night under the stars. An incomparable nature experience!
  • An amazing sense of achievement after climbing the Tunupa volcano and enjoying the 360-degree view from its 5,500 m high summit.
  • The opportunity to explore the surreal landscape of the world's largest salt lake before staying in a hotel made entirely of salt.
  • Memories of a sightseeing flight back to La Paz, which takes you over countless volcanoes and the highest mountain in Bolivia during a breathtaking last leg of your journey.


After flying to Santiago and on a domestic flight to Calama, you will be transferred to San Pedro and begin to acclimate for your upcoming expedition. The next morning, drive to Herradura Ranch before embarking on a three-day horseback riding tour through the incredible backdrop of the Atacama, a desert that is over 46,000 square kilometers so large that it can be seen from space.

For the next 72 hours, you'll ride horseback through some of the driest and most varied landscapes on earth. It goes through the valley of the moon, a spectacular lunar landscape and the breathtaking Cordillera de la Sal. You spend your nights in tents under a clear starry sky.

After you have finished your riding trip at the deserted place of Lago Salado, which is now completely uninhabited but is known for its 2000 year old rock carvings, cross the border into Bolivia in a 4 × 4 all-wheel drive vehicle and pass the fascinating green and red lagoons to the Uyuni salt flats, the largest of their kind on earth. An unforgettable place. You will spend the night in a hotel made entirely of salt before watching the sunrise over the plains the next morning.

After reaching the base of the Tunupa volcano, you will fight your way up to 5,500 meter high peaks for a day. Not a technically difficult ascent, but a great challenge due to the altitude. The next morning you will be picked up by a private light aircraft and flown on a spectacular flight over the salt flats, past the highest mountain in Bolivia, along the volcanoes and the border between Chile and Bolivia, back to La Paz. You will reach the destination of this unique epic Adventure across two countries.

The facts:

Duration: 11 days

Best travel time: May - October

Price from 8,660 euros per person.

The price includes:

The price given above is for 2 people and includes detailed travel planning and advice, setting up the expedition and all of the nationwide logistics. This price also includes a first class guide who specializes in the selected area, an extensive local guiding support team, training and technical equipment for the trip, as well as all domestic travel, including all flights and accommodation required for your expedition. Most meals and drinks are also included. However, the price may vary depending on the individual planning.


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