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The Himalayan region is a destination for active travelers and people looking for inspiration. Himalayas – adventure over the clouds. Experience this secluded country with all its beauties & traditions. Discover secluded monasteries & green mountain landscapes. Walk through original villages and experience the happy and humble inhabitants. We are the experts for exceptional Bhutan travel and take you to the most spectacular scenery. Experience with us a land full of originality, tradition and beauty.

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Not far from the capital Thimpu, idyllically situated and in the spirit of the characteristic mysticism of this land, immerse yourself deeply in the teachings of astrology in the Pangri Zampa Lhakhang monastery. Here, where approximately 100 monks are initiated into the comprehensive secrets of the stars and star pictures, you will experience a unique encounter with students and scholars, paired with the art of meditation. Unique and captivating at the same time!


Hardly any other country is as bisexual as Bhutan, for the sport of the nation is actually archery – and inevitably embodies part of national pride. From an early age everyone learns how to handle a bow and arrow and hit the center of the disc as exactly as possible. Accordingly, this sport also fills every free minute of every Bhutanese. Participate in an archery lesson, remember the tips and tricks that the master reveals to you and thus pack a part of the country culture in your travel backpack – experiences and impressions that nobody can take from you.


Gigantic rock walls tower up to the right and left, before and after your rafting companions in their dinghies and every now and then you catch a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas – Rafting in the Zanskar River: a fantastic mixture of thrills and impressive scenic beauty.


High up on the big “Red Mountain” rises the winter palace of the former Dalai Lama and the majestic symbol of Lhasa: the Potala Palace. All 13 floors and 999 rooms will amaze you. This breathtaking monument radiates a very special aura and guards, like an imaginary protector, the capital of Tibet. Just seeing it conjures up goose bumps, leaves you dreaming and tacitly tells you a millennium-old story.


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