Enchanting. Diverse. Exotic. If only you could bottle African-Western eclecticism.

Morocco’s vast deserts and mountains stretch and roll silently away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, Fez and Essaouira, where labyrinthine, dusty alleys surrounded by ocher walls lead to cool courtyards and hidden artistic gardens in inconspicuous places that lead into the past. Arab, African and European influences collide and create a chaotic ambience. Morocco is a beautiful Bohemia, from its architecture to snake charmer, shisha cafes, sophisticated riads and native Berber camps to cool palm oases.

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Explore the desert with 4×4 vehicles, camels, quads and dune buggies. Sip a cool sundowner while the sun sets the red city of Marrakech on fire. At dusk you will discover luxurious desert camps deep in the dunes. Meet nomads; land by helicopter in the oases of the Draa Valley; discover the gorges of Dades and Todra; Swim in the waterfalls of Ouzoud and walk through the intact Roman ruins of Volubilis. Ride along the wild Atlantic coast; sleep in individual Berber tents with private chefs and butlers. Dance to traditional music around the campfire and sample exotic belly dancing. Sit under a starry ceiling with an astrologer; Float across the Sahara in a hot-air balloon and improve your skills in haggling at the bazaar. Unwind in Lickety Split yacht clubs, rustic mountain retreats, authentic Kasbahs; luxurious desert camps; full of character riads; charming boutique hotels or a combination of everything.

Morocco luxury travel. Morocco – wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like Dr. Julia Malchow.


Vintage Vehicles

By vintage motorcycle to the teatime in the desert … Surreal? For sure. Unreal? Under no circumstance. Brilliant? 100 percent. Conjures a big smile in the face. More unforgettable moments to wonder and to dream there …


Just go away? Unattainable? Digital detox? Have time for yourself? For two? No distraction from nothing and nobody? Just hang your mind and count grains of sand? Watch the stars? Try it!


Endless vast desert landscape, a sparkling starry tent, romantic silence, delicious delicacies, a glass of wine in your hand and you on a sea full of colorful cushions. Can you smell it? Feel the slight breeze? The candle lights flicker see? We organize your own private desert dinner including stargazing either in the Sahara (about 2.5 hours away from Marrakech) or in Agafay (about 45 minutes from Marrakech).


It is only by walking to reach this extraordinary property in the middle of the High Atlas, surrounded by picturesque, authentic Berber villages with houses made of crushed clay. Immerse yourself in the fascinating village life and become part of it. Enjoy Mohammed’s lovingly cooked rustic Tangine after returning home from challenging and intriguing tours through a unique environment.


You can choose to explore the universe from the desert or High Atlas. In any case, you will enjoy guided observation through the clear sky to countless stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets and moons alongside a true astronomy professor who will bring you closer to the infinite of our existence in a fascinating way.


Fly in a hot-air balloon over the impressive desert landscape of the infinitely wide Sahara and treat yourself to this fascinating view from the bird’s eye view. Feel boundless freedom and the thirst for adventure when you are completely floating over things for a while and be sure that this experience will be unforgettable.


Promised! The best oysters and lobsters of your life you eat in Qualidia – the secret tip gourmet paradise of the Moroccans. On request we organize everything around your culinary journey of discovery. You just have to say when!


Just because it’s not on our website does not mean we do not offer your ideal trip.

We from unforgettable journeys plan the journey of YOUR life tailor-made for you.


Season / Weather / Climate

As far as the climate is concerned, Morocco is divided into two parts. The northwest of the country is influenced by the Mediterranean, the southern part of the country influenced by the Sahara climate. Here, the Atlas Mountains forms a kind of climatic boundary. In the mountainous regions there is a mountain climate. There are colder winters along the north coast and around the mountains of Rif, as well as higher precipitation compared to the south. The winters are still mild, as a rule, it does not snow. However, the more southern you get, the drier it gets. In the south of the country there is a mostly hot summer, the winters are mild, sometimes surprisingly cold. The latter especially when the icy winds from the mountains in these regions. Due to the different climate zones, the best travel time depends on the respective holiday destination. Inland, for example, it is too warm at 29 degrees C up to 45 degrees C in the summer, here it is recommended to use the months of March to May and October to November. In the northwest, however, is the best travel time from April to November. Here the average temperature is around 23 degrees C in August.

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The time difference to Morocco compared to the Central European Time (CET) is – 1 hour.


About 90% of the population speak Moroccan Arabic, only about 0.7% speak the Hassania dialect. Half of Moroccans speak one of the many Berber languages. Throughout Morocco, French is used as a trade, educational and additional official language. Besides, it is the operating language of the state railway. Spanish is also spread in the north of Morocco, in Western Sahara and in the region around Sidi Ifni. English is becoming increasingly important as an educational language among young people.

To eat and drink

Eating and drinking in Morocco is a culinary experience for every tourist. Tajines and couscous are the national dishes of the North African country. Tajine is a kind of stew with vegetables and meat or fish, which is prepared in traditional clay pot. Couscous consists of durum wheat semolina and is usually served with meat and vegetables. This specialty is especially eaten in winter. Morocco’s wines are also excellent and have a good reputation worldwide. There are, for example, the Gouerrouane and the Cabernet Medaillon from Meknes, which are known to every wine connoisseur, but also have a proud price. And of course, do not forget mint tea – without it, nothing will work in Morocco.


The population in Morocco is very unevenly distributed. Two thirds live in the northwest and west of the country on about one tenth of the total land area. Almost 60% of the inhabitants live in cities, the rest in rural areas. Social life in the country is very much influenced by religion, such as by praying five times a day and religious holidays. Today, the population of Morocco consists of about 80 percent Berbers and 20 percent Arabs, who speak not only the official language Arabic but also Berber with many dialects. About 60% of Berbers are Arabized. Northern Morocco is more Arabic, while the Berber culture dominates in the south. Morocco is also home to some 60,000 foreigners, most notably the French, Spaniards, Italians, Tunisians and Algerians.

Morocco travel with unforgettable journeys

Our Morocco trips take you to unimaginable worlds with spectacular landscapes and unique accommodations. Abandoned luxury, fairytale views and dreamlike architecture will accompany you every step of the way, allowing you to enjoy unforgettable adventures and everlasting amazement as well as pure relaxation. You would like to experience a very special, individually flexible Morocco trip, which is based exclusively on your personal wishes and preferences? Then demanding travelers like you are in just the right hands with us!

They fly aboard a hot-air balloon over the impressive desert, visit traditional Berber tribes who still tie carpets and brew mint tea as they used to do, ride a camel down the endless red dunes or board a sand board.

You will observe the country, the people and the culture in the numerous markets, in the historical, partly UNESCO-protected Medinas and admire the great architecture of bygone times.

Sleep in a bed under a sparkling starry tent, jet through the magical, sandy landscape on quads, or let your mind wander while drinking coconut on a pillow-top and a fairytale sunset.

Our Morocco trips offer plenty of opportunity to be active, but also allow you absolute relaxation in perfect seclusion. We are experts for special Morocco travel. We know the most beautiful places and hotels that will give you a dream vacation and unforgettable experiences. We take care of your hotels and your entire day and evening arrangements so that you can enjoy your trip to Morocco in the most flexible and carefree way.