Passionate. Graceful. Powerful. Nicaragua combines colonial charm and Cabana Beach Life.

Whilst Nicaragua’s cities whisper of past colonialism and geological upheavals, elsewhere it’s a wild land of fire and water, volcanoes and lava fields, poetry and revolution. Where the rugged Pacific Coast is criss-crossed with dense jungle and dotted with traditional fishing villages and unexpected surf spots, on the other side are deserted beaches, pristine Caribbean islands and Lake Nic, dotted with private islands and palatial villas. Mass tourism has not yet arrived here.

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Take a helicopter to the impressive active volcano Cerro Negro and surf the summit on an ash board. Fly by helicopter to the colorful Spanish colonial city of Granada and visit the city’s markets and restaurants with eccentric local guides. Discover the tranquility of unspoiled Guacalito Beach, a tranquil bay where you can snorkel and dive around the rugged Anciana Island. Take a floatplane to the remote Solentiname Islands in Lake Nicaragua. Visit a community of artists known for their simple oil paintings and wood carvings. Snorkel and watch fish in the Corn Islands. Cross Nicaragua Lake and kayak up the small canals of Rio Istian to observe a variety of bird species. Horseback ride to the San Ramón waterfalls. Bring the day to a close in historic mansions of prominent families, luxurious lodges on the wild Pacific Coast, hillside villas or managed farms with exclusive amenities.

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The self-willed travelers go Ash Boarden: slide down the black ash from the interior of the earth with lightning speed. A short hike into the crater’s interior is possible if you dare … an incredible memory!


Learn to Surf or Improve Your Skills: Whether you want to enjoy some new learning and quality time together with your family, or as a lone surf wolf to train your skills with one of the best surf buddies in the world, Nicaragua has the perfect wave for all skill levels and will reward you with salt on your skin and a grin on your face that only those who have experienced it will reward.


Explore the mangroves of Nicaragua for sunrise or sunset, scoff at exotic birds and enjoy the absolute silence and unspoiled nature. And with a bit of luck you will experience the incredible Michael Jackson bird on his crazy moonwalk.


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Nicaragua is a real insider tip in Latin America and is described as a land of lakes and a thousand volcanoes. The reason for this is the impressive diversity of nature, a chain of partially active volcanoes, untouched tropical rainforests, dream coasts in the Caribbean and the Pacific and much more. The country borders Honduras to the north, Costa Rica to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean to the east.


The climate in Nicaragua is tropical and characterized by two seasons: the dry season from December to May and the rainy season from June to November. There is high humidity throughout the year. The average temperatures on the coasts and inland are in the year-round average between 21 ° C and 32 ° C. In the mountains, the temperature reduces to around 10 ° C.

Best travel time

From December to April. November and May are considered transitional months.


The official language in Nicaragua is Spanish.

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Nicaragua has a rich cultural tradition, in which the church festivals mingled with the Indian heritage.

To eat and drink

Nicaragua’s cuisine is Creole. The dishes are varied and very tasty and are offered mainly in the comedores and in simple restaurants. The locals love chicken and pork, with beans and corn or rice or roasted plantains. In the coastal towns many dishes are also prepared with fish and seafood. In Nicaragua you like to drink beer and rum – often mixed, especially with coke.

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Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and is also called “the land of volcanoes and lakes”. The island of Ometepe is a perfect example: it originated from the volcanoes Concepción (1610 m) and Maderas (1394 m) and home to the largest freshwater lake in Central America, the Lago de Nicaragua.

In addition to Ometepe there are more than 300 small volcanic islands in Nicaragua, where Native American peoples settled in pre-Columbian times. The life-sized stone sculptures in front of the church in Altagracia are evidence of Native American ancestry.

The Pacific coast of Nicaragua is characterized by a chain of partly active volcanoes that runs through the country from north to south. Both bright and black beaches can be found as visitors to the Pacific coast. The beaches are especially well-known among surfers for the long-breaking waves.

Another highlight of Nicaragua is the small colonial town of Granada at the foot of the volcano Mombacho. While strolling through the colorful streets of the city you can admire the beautiful colonial architecture. The city’s cathedral, built in 1524, is considered one of the most important colonial buildings in Central America.

Do you dream of white sand beaches, turquoise blue sea and Caribbean flair? Then we invite you to the Corn Islands. About 70 km away from the Caribbean coast, you will find a secluded and untouched paradise for those who love adventure, diving and snorkelling. But also for the tourists who prefer long beach walks or want to let the soul in the hammock, come here at their expense. We are happy to arrange everything for you! We are the experts for your individual trip to Nicaragua. You dream, we kill.

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