Spiritual journeys are journeys that make tangible the happiness that opens up a world beyond the visible and gives you goosebumps moments. They are journeys that shake the soul. Whether meeting with a Buddhist leader, meditation classes or shaman meetings – these are unique experiences that give you peace, strength and inspiration, and make you find yourself. These are experiences that touch the soul.

Let yourself be enchanted by the following travel inspirations with incomparable experiences, emotional encounters and formative impressions. Places that provide strength, people who inspire, experiences that go deeper than the visible. And accommodations that give you the pure feeling of pampering. Our spiritual journeys bring you to extraordinary goals where you can become “self” from the “I”.


Meditation & Astrology in Bhutan

In the spirit of Bhutan’s characteristic mystique, immerse yourself in the teachings of astrology in the Pangri Zampa Lhakhang Monastery. Here, where approximately 100 monks are initiated into the comprehensive secrets of the stars and star pictures, you will experience a unique encounter with students and scholars, paired with the art of meditation. Unique and captivating at the same time!

Shamans session

Life on earth not only carries a material shell but also an energetic one. And shamans are masters of energy. Allow yourself to be abducted into another dimension during a shaman session, gaining new strength and a lasting impact that will shape you.

Ayurveda & Yoga in South India

Kerala, a region of southern India, known for its special yoga and Ayurveda treatments, blessed with a landscape that has the gift of peace and serenity. Indulge in this unique experience, discover the fascinating Ayurveda healing art and give your body the necessary relaxation during yoga – balm for all your senses.

Colorful monastery festivals in Bhutan

A spectacular event of dancing, disguised men, pure joie de vivre, color explosions and deep Buddhism – a unique, yet mystical and enthralling embodiment of the ever-living tradition, religion and history of the country. Because what the Bhutanese can not put into words is transformed into a dance that – how could it be otherwise – is addressed to the deities. Be part of it and you will be speechless!

Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia

Mongolian has always been Buddhist, yet this religion has not flourished for a long time. The approximately 100 monasteries decorate the city and country, give Mongolia a certain mysticism and are above all the right place to immerse oneself in the religious culture of the country. Let us take you into another world, get to know Mongolia from this exciting side and you will be fascinated!

The Samye monastery in Tibet

Tibet’s oldest Buddhist monastery, with its dazzling golden roof and mandala style, will take you on a journey full of spiritual impressions, Buddhist wisdom and fascinating ways of life. Find yourself during a meditation lesson and learn more about the life philosophy of the monks living there!


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