In intimate togetherness experience the feeling of the happiest moment! Unique travel for your very special occasion. For your honeymoon we bring you the stars from the sky. Enjoy moments together in the most beautiful accommodations. We organize your free wedding in the most spectacular places of the world and combine this with dreamlike experiences. Private cruises, candlelight dinners in the midst of nature, lonely stalls and goose bumps in a hot air balloon. Pure romance for lovers.

Let yourself be enchanted by our travel ideas for your unforgettable honeymoon. Unique experiences, special encounters and breathtaking impressions. Secluded picturesque places, extreme landscapes, touching nature experiences, refined living. Our honeymoon brings you to extraordinary destinations, where you can experience the best moments in togetherness! We organize everything for you, from the free wedding to the entertainment and the menu. They sit back and relax. Moving and unforgettable moments on your big day in spectacular scenery or relaxing in the most beautiful regions and romantic hotels after your glittering party.


Romantic island feeling on the Galapagos

The incomparable Galapagos Archipelago captivates lovers. Be impressed by the biodiversity, the giant tortoises and the habitat of the oceans on incomparable dive trips. Turquoise blue waters, white sand beaches and a world full of magic and originality will enchant you.

Delfin 1

Peru – Intimate luxury cruise on the Amazon

Enjoy absolute togetherness in your private suite as the luxurious Defin 1 winds its way through the dense and mysterious jungles of the Amazon. Get a glimpse of the pink river dolphins and experience kayaking and how close-to-one and harmoniously human and natural live together – a fabulous symbiosis. A honeymoon you will remember forever.

Loneliness in the Deluxe Camper in the middle of the Salar de Uyuni

A wedding in the vastness of the largest salt in the world. This is what makes a memorable unique wedding in the Uyuni. Unique and in solitude, enjoy the expanse of the salt lake in your private deluxe Airstream camper. In the evening, enjoy the sea of ​​stars above you after a candlelight dinner created especially for you. A moment that could not be more romantic.

With the hot air balloon over magical rock formations

The Atacama Desert in Chile is considered the driest desert in the world. Your personal highlight on your honeymoon will make you stand out over red rock formations and the vastness of the desert until the sun disappears glowing red on the horizon.

Your bedroom under water

At the Manta Resort you can immerse yourself in a unique living experience in a class of its own. From your bedroom you can watch the underwater world and share rainbow fish with your personal outdoor pool.

Wedding ceremony between Savannah & Wildlife

An incomparable ceremony awaits you amidst the beautiful landscape of national parks in Tanzania. This wedding promises absolute uniqueness in a fantastic atmosphere. And in the end, a particularly romantic safari in a hot-air balloon awaits you.


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