Argentina hotels

Finest lodges & luxury hotels in Argentina.

Whether a breathtaking boutique hotel at the Iguazù waterfalls, the exclusive lodge in the middle of the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego, the traditional hacienda with an authentic gaucho feeling - each accommodation is wonderfully unique.

Casual luxury combined with adventurous experiences - experience pure Argentina with unforgettable nights in the most spectacular accommodations in the country.

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Wine, design & spectacular nature

Let yourself fall into your personal dream of enjoyment: Experience wineries, bed yourself in different styles, designed with heart and vision, celebrate Asados between the vines and feel like part of a big happy family.

And: combine enjoyment and outdoor activities at a 5 star level:

famous climbing routes, wonderful hiking trails, spectacular rides - we know where complex personalities go to bed with a sigh.

Spectacular nature, unforgettable health tips

This casually luxurious jungle lodge is as unique as the legend of the Iguazú Falls.

Experience your individual jungle dream:

The water masses of the Iguazú Falls rush tremendously into the depths. A few steps downstream, on the border with Paraguay and Brazil, surrounded by giants of the Argentinian jungle, you will find your dream hotel:

12 luxurious jungle villas stand on stilts and have a private plunge pool and a spacious living area.

Perfectly integrated into the surrounding beautiful nature, you can watch from this luxurious accommodation how the busy life of the diverse flora and fauna of the jungle unfolds around you.

Wine and spectacular nature

On the small peninsula Valdéz in the middle of the national park lies the small paradise of this wonderful, unique estancia.

Enjoy the exposed location in close proximity to manatees, penguins and, with a little luck, watch the whales pass by from the living room window.

Even the little prince flew enthusiastically over the peninsula and let himself be enchanted by nature. The typical Argentine farm overlooks the beach with its large manatee colonies and the wild ocean in the background.

You enjoy the best cuisine and the highest level of comfort in the midst of nature. Whether you decide to explore the national park on foot or on horseback or prefer to take part in an unforgettable boat trip that will bring you up close to the gentle giants of the oceans.

Hacienda life: remote & deluxe

In the middle of the loneliness of Chubut, away from civilization, lies this wildly romantic hacienda.

Authentic farm life in the middle of the Argentine pampas. Numerous unbelievable activities not only make children's eyes shine, but also leave a deep impression on adults' memories. You can go whale watching with the in-house submarine.

The gentle giants come noticeably close to the boat and watch their observers with interest. With a bit of luck, you can watch the incredible orcas hunting and on horseback excursions and hikes you can get even closer to nature and discover other inhabitants of Argentina such as penguins, seals, sea lions and much more.

An adventure for families and adults alike.

When nature and architecture merge

Experience the jungle, not just during the day, but live and breathe it:

when you wake up, when you chill after exciting experiences while you are lying in bed. For travelers who not only want to see nature, but also feel it, we know exactly the accommodations that bring nature in.

Architecture and design that merge with nature and thereby intensify the experience.

At eye level with the glaciers - by boutique boat

The majestic glacier paradise of Argentina opens up to you in a particularly intense way during this unique experience - by boutique boat to the wonders of Patagonia! Embark on a unique glacier cruise.

Here you can enjoy the highest level of comfort and a casual, comfortable ambience in one of the 20 cabins and a constantly changing view of the natural beauties of Patagonia that pass your window.

A fascinating natural spectacle.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Luxury hotels Argentina

We have made a special selection of extraordinary and special hotels for you in the land of the gauchos with our luxury hotels in Argentina.

The unbelievable combination of casual luxury, adventure, the best cuisine in a unique natural setting and with incredible views make these hotels in Argentina something very special.

In the Hotel Faena in the lively capital Buenos Aires you will experience the bohemian flair and the sounds of tango in stylish elegance in the heart of the city.

At the luxury hotel Eolo you will immerse yourself in the typical life of an Argentine estancia. In the midst of the Patagonian pampas, you ride like a gaucho through the landscape and enjoy the comfort of the top-class Argentine luxury hotel.

You will feel like in paradise in the heavenly Entre Cielos in Mendoza, nestled between the vines. The rainforest and the imposing Iguazu Falls are an unforgettable experience in the luxurious Yakutinga Lodge.

During a cruise with the Marpatag Cruzeros through the Patagonian glacier world on Lake Argentino, you will experience the Perito Moreno up close and enjoy the glittering, eternal ice cream under the moonlight and a top-class menu.

Our hand-picked and self-traveled luxury hotels in Argentina are far from the standard luxury. For us, luxury means being free and taking unbelievable experiences on an extra class trip home with you.

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