Chile hotels

Finest lodges & luxury hotels in Chile

Luxury hotels in Chile - a perfect reflection of the country itself: diverse, exclusive, stylish.

Each one is nestled between the most breathtaking landscapes, offers fantastic views, exquisite cuisine and of course pure adventure!

From the dreamy spa luxury hotel in the Atacama Desert to the exclusive winery and the magical luxury tree house in the Huilo Huilo National Park. A fantastic selection for every taste the perfect hotel.

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Native American style glamping

Extraordinary living experiences in the midst of the Chilean nature, not only for adventurous star gazers!

Away from everything, with a direct view of the sky from your bed. In harmony with nature and at the same time stylish and comfortable.

For this purpose, the architecture was modeled on the huts of the indigenous people, which gives the domes a special intensity and a wonderfully rustic charm.

Spectacular architecture as a reflection of nature

Chile has some of the world's most beautiful nature reserves, in which or on the edges of which there is no less spectacular architecture.

Sustainable, with a childish pinch of humor and built to take up and deepen the peculiarities of the respective location, these special works of art allow you to sink deeply into the place and the here and now.

Stimulating security in places where hardly anyone can go

Chile has wonderful secrets. We have tracked down some of them. These are places that are so far away and perhaps that is precisely why they have been spared the Instagram craze.

And yet some brave people have built a monument here with design and the desire to show their home in an exclusive niche in the world.

Travel apart and reward yourself with uniqueness.

Trekking deluxe

Be active in spectacular seclusion:

Trekking tours of all levels of difficulty, rafting, mountain biking, hiking on glaciers, kayaking in front of an ice backdrop and living in luxury and pampering yourself with authentic cuisine and wines from the region?

No superfluous Chi Chi, everything fits. Be with yourself, challenge yourself and pimp, when you wake up a satisfied grin on your lips.

We understand.

Wine and design

Chile is known for its wonderful wines and its edgy culture of enjoyment.

We know the winemakers who crown the cultivation and enjoyment of their vines with a more visionary design and thus offer an experience for all the senses.

When nature and architecture merge

In the Chilean desert regions there are accommodations that are almost invisible at first glance, because you are so well melted into your surroundings.

And when the entire concept of the lodges is geared towards bringing the guests closer to nature and culture, right into your suite and out again, with courage and curiosity, then we speak of unforgettable experiences.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

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