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Finest lodges & luxury hotels in Colombia

Our specially selected luxury hotels in Colombia range from exclusive tent camps - designed for endless rides and disconnection from the rest of the world, to private villas in the world's highest coastal mountains.

Built on a hill next to the Tayrona National Reserve, it offers an incomparable privileged view of the sea, the river, the jungle and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Whether eco-lodge on the Caribbean dream beach or classic hacienda to fulfill your dream of being a cowboy. Experience a fantastic mix of the most extraordinary accommodations.

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A lodge in the style of the 50s that leaves nothing to be desired

Discover and enjoy one of the most emerging cities in South America, Bogota!

For those looking for the perfect place where the comfort of home and the experience of travel combine, this lodge is just perfect. Let the owner show you around and be inspired by rooms that tell the story of a family.

Located in Quinta Camacho, one of the best neighborhoods in Bogota, the lodge is surrounded by some of the best restaurants, cafes, galleries and shops.

In the Casa, built and designed in the style of the 50s, with only 7 individually furnished rooms, you will feel at home.

An ecological retreat with luxurious lodges and exceptional amenities

Refresh your mind amid the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Colombia's Isla Barú.

This enchanting island paradise is only 45 minutes away from Cartagena and is a perfect retreat for discerning travelers with a sustainable mindset.

Make yourself comfortable in your perfectly equipped villa with a view of the sea or the neighboring Parque Nacional Natural Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo and the world comes to you.

Exclusive tent camp for endless rides and decoupling from the rest of the world

The exclusive tented camp is located in a private reserve in the Colombian region of Llanos Orientales.

The Llanos Orientales are famous for their strong cowboy culture and abundant wildlife. The camp was designed as a unique accommodation in these remote grasslands and provides an ideal retreat for endless horse rides and immersion in nature while you disconnect from the rest of the world.

Los Llanos Orientales marks the great eastern plains of Colombia and Venezuela, past the Andes. An area with extensive meadows that has long attracted enthusiastic nature lovers and horse riders because of its incredible biodiversity, cowboy culture and magical seclusion.

A loving hacienda hidden between the huge mountains of the Central Andes

This hidden gem is found within an unexplored land, an unexpected paradise.

A house made of bamboo and clay, which has preserved the traditional architectural style of the Colombian coffee region, is hidden in a huge hacienda. Surrounded by the huge mountains of the Central Andes, centuries-old trees, gardens and farms. An oasis of peace and natural beauty.

The Hacienda is an active plantation amid the lush and green landscape of the Colombian coffee region and offers its guests an ideal place to relax and explore.

Private villa in the highest coastal mountains in the world

The Tayrona National Park is about a four-hour drive northeast of Cartagena, nestled between white sandy beaches and the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - the highest coastal mountains in the world.

The biodiversity in Tayrona and the Sierra Nevada is like nowhere else. With endless beaches, dense forest and archaeological remains of ancient cities like Pueblito and Ciudad Perdida.

The private villa is located on a hill next to the Tayrona National Reserve and offers incomparable privileged views of the sea, the river, the jungle and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Treat yourself to an intimate, intense experience of this beauty.

Private villa in Barichara - a city full of stories and legends

The colonial village of Barichara, almost untouched by modern architecture, arguably the most beautiful village in Colombia, is located in Santander at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level.

The backdrop of rolling hills and nearby canyons makes it a popular place to relax and explore. The historic villa was the home of the late Colombian President Belisario Betancur, one of the main contributors to Barichara's architectural and cultural preservation.

The villa has four rooms in the main house and a fifth room in the garden area. In the spacious garden there is a large outdoor pool surrounded by mango and pomegranate trees - an ideal place for families.


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