Greece hotels

Greece has exquisite coastlines and delicious food. Whether you are island hopping over azure waters, exploring ancient archaeological sites and monuments, or visiting the wonderful capital Athens, Greece surprises with extraordinary and casually luxurious hotels everywhere.

Whether a stone house on a lonely island with a view of the typical windmills, from the infinity pool, from the Santorini caldera, in stylish Mykonos or on board a private sailing yacht - we will find an exciting mix of extraordinary accommodations that will tickle your senses.

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The typical Greek style - casually perfected

Find yourself in the midst of the true tranquility of Greece's smaller, lesser-known paradise islands and spend the night in actually typical casually luxurious white accommodations.

The resorts maintain a classic Greek flair with the flat roofs and traditional, immaculate, whitewashed walls and exude a feeling of beauty and serenity in which you can completely relax.

Overlooking the breathtaking bays and white sandy beaches and an unforgettable sea view.

Private sailing charter with all the trimmings (captain too)

In search of the true essence of Greece, we did not find it on the whitewashed slopes of Oia or in the windmill-speckled areas of Mykonos, but in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

We didn't find it in a beautiful boutique hotel, but under the billowing white sails of a private luxury sailing yacht.

As a classic sailing schooner, the charm of the old world merges with modern luxury on board. Perfect for honeymoon romance and family outings, sleep in the open air, turn the upper deck into a private spa, or show your favorite movies all night; Everything on this beautiful ship, everything just for you.

The best infinity pools

An optical illusion that never ceases to inspire and enchant us. When land, sky and sea merge in the blue. When the cool water of a wonderful infinity pool kisses the warm water of the sea under a clear sky.

The most beautiful scenery can be found on Mykonos, Santorini and Halkidiki.

Private wonderful villas with pool and service

Whether it's a honeymoon, the first trip with a baby, as a family or just to caress the soul in complete privacy - we know the most beautiful villas with breathtaking views and secluded.

With space for private spa sessions on the terrace and with a good answer to the question: what are we doing today? Nothing!

Child-friendly - parent-friendly - people-friendly

Greeks love children. And so it is not surprising that there are beautiful, child-friendly dream accommodations in Greece.

In the Peloponnese, in the Ionian Islands, in Athens. Great stylish accommodations, no fun, just a nice way of life as a family.


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