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India - but different. With glamping in the desert, a cup of tea in the middle of a legendary tea estate, in dreamy villas on quiet paradisiacal beaches, as a guest of a former royal palace - a dream come true from 1001 Nights, enthroned on steep cliffs above the holy river, with yoga on the beach With a hip crowd, on board a wonderful houseboat on unknown paths - experience a different India, a land of many different facets that will touch you deeply.

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Slow travel by houseboat through Assam

India - but different: slowly and relaxed through some of the most fascinating and little-visited landscapes of India:

Assam is a state in northeast India that straddles the fertile plains of the Brahmaputra Valley. A melting pot of cultures, languages and religions and with lush forests.

Assam offers guests a wide range of experiences: spot unicorn rhinos (native to Assam) and visit Kaziranga and Manas National Parks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cruise one of the most powerful rivers in Asia in your private houseboat, stopping at the rural villages and temples on the banks of the Brahmaputra.

Or cycle on Majuli - the largest river island in the world - and interact with the dancing monks of the Neo-Vaishnavite sect.

Casual glamping in the Himalayas

Extraordinary trips crowned by spectacular accommodations: Get up close to the feeling of the Himalayas in this glamping accommodation that tickles all your senses.

After eventful days with fascinating trekkings and a look behind the scenes of exciting Buddhist monasteries, this luxurious glamping experience will bring you even closer to the unique nature and the inner and outer adventures that the longing destination of the Himalayas has in store for you.

A tree house

Immerse yourself in the nature of Kerala. You can experience the tropical rainforest with its incomparable biodiversity from the treetops of your luxurious tree house.

The rustling of the leaves of the giant jungle, the life of nature around you, absolute seclusion and time to find peace. Embedded in the middle of the evergreen tropical rainforest you will discover a place of calm.

You, the treetops of the jungle, the biodiversity and a breathtaking living experience of a different kind await you. Your tree house at a height of 28 meters offers spectacular views.

Hike through specially created paths and over suspension bridges and unwind with an Ayurveda treatment. Learn to fly, reinterpreted.

Sustainable safaris in Hemingway style

The Indians do not necessarily have a reputation for being particularly animal-friendly - there are, however, exciting exceptional projects where visionaries come together and animal welfare and hotel ideas come together.

And being a guest here is next to the chance for a fascinating tiger spotting and the close, species-appropriate encounter with elephants is a horizon-broadening, wonderful and exciting-luxurious experience.

Glamping in the desert

Enjoy the Thar Desert, where Alexander the Great spent time and eventually turned back.

In addition to cultural discoveries, spectacular desert dinners, wonderful live music around the campfire, celebrated for you alone, and a private plunge pool next to your "tent" as the perfect break from the colorful and lively Indian everyday life await you.

Goa bohemian style

Unplug, unwind, kick off your shoes ... and live your bohemean hippy dream - casual high quality on a beautiful dream beach:

Hammocks, yoga, sustainability, organic food, relaxed, exciting people and you and your beach “hut” reloaded.

Feel the smile that beautifies your face and the energy that calls out:

Come come….

Casual luxury by the sea

Surrounded by tropical gardens, fantastic views of the lonely beautiful beach, the only sound being the surf.

Only 4 villas, perfect service, perfect barefoot luxury - the perfect way to end the reflection on an eventful and touching journey through India.


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