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Finest lodges & luxury hotels in Indonesia

For us, luxury hotels in Indonesia don't just mean luxury. Luxury hotels in Indonesia range from the luxurious and only 5-star hotel on the breathtaking Waecicu Beach in Flores, to the private estate in Bali, which has developed from the energy and spiritism of the pristine nature reserve in a hidden valley.

Cruise through the Komodo National Park on your private sailing yacht or meet Borneo's orangutans up close during your stay on your exclusive houseboat.

Experience pure glamping on a lonely island and relaxed barefoot luxury in the dream resort on the heavenly white sandy beach.

Indonesia - incomparable and unforgettable in the most extraordinary accommodations.

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Beachfront dream villa in wild, rough paradise

On one of the most remote islands in Indonesia you will experience wild beaches, incredible creatures, enjoyable sailing, exciting diving and snorkeling, no frills hospitality and a wonderful villa on the beach as a home base.

What more do you want?

Discover fascinating natural spectacles by private sailing charter

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime aboard this beautiful wooden schooner in Indonesia?

It can only accommodate 6 guests and is perfect for families to go on a real pirate adventure.

The experienced divemaster on board dives with you away from everything and knows the best spots in the Indonesian archipelago. On deck, the finely crafted wooden interior and the beautiful decoration as well as the cool crew create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The pride of the boat is the cozy open-air lounge deck with sun loungers, comfortable cushions to chill out and a breathtaking panoramic view.

When will you come?

Glamping on uninhabited islands and lonely dream beaches

Do you still remember the feeling from before: campfire, guitar, wine (or something like that) and best friends?

So, only better:

enjoy glamping on lonely dream beaches during an individual Indonesia trip: Enjoy the real luxury:

Time, space, no plans except see what happens. Splendid!

Paradise - finally

"Waking in the morning to the sound of waves lapping on the shore, I did have the singular feeling of, at last, having escaped from whatever it is we are all endlessly trying to flee with our travels."

-The New York Times-

Here in the farthest corner of Raja Ampat we have found paradise. And a lived sustainability dream.

A courageous project by real visionaries who make our world better and who deeply impress us. Here you will find one of the most beautiful intact reefs in the world, where biodiversity is still growing.

You can find hammocks. casual luxurious beach villas, cool people, life as it can be ...

By houseboat through Borneo

Let yourself drift into the middle of the green heart of Borneo.

In search of the endangered Oran Utans and a feeling for nature, life. Let yourself be enchanted and inspired. Travel slowly, far away from other travelers.

Just you, nature and our closest relatives.

Allow yourself to be part of this unforgettable encounter in the perfect setting.

Indonesia private islands

In the middle of the Indonesian Anambas Archipelago, the quiet and secluded Reserve offers you a prime location for a dose of complete relaxation.

Unplug from the socket and relax on this luxurious, yet almost untouched private island. Let yourself drift off the south shore of the Malaysian Peninsula and the west coast of Borneo - but don't worry, there is no land in sight - there are no televisions here to distract you or remind you of the real world, just days you see them Snorkel three lagoons and explore the unspoiled hinterland.

Enjoy the open-air spa and Indonesian cuisine in the three waterfront restaurants. It is a hectic world indeed ...


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Luxury hotels Indonesia

Our selection of luxury hotels in Indonesia are also characterized by their location in the midst of spectacular landscapes and their unique charm, which brings casual luxury and breathtaking nature into harmony.

Here your individual trip will be refined with accommodation perfectly integrated into the landscape and authentic experiences in Indonesia, so that you will be perfectly happy.

Enjoy the Alila Villas Uluwatu designed by the award-winning architecture firm WOHA in Singapore. It is fully integrated into the architecture and blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings from the inside out.

Chedi Tanah Gajah is an excellent hotel that pays homage to the arts of Bali and houses a private collection of Balinese paintings.

The luxuriously secluded villas are set in a garden with trees, lotus ponds and small lakes. A beautiful island retreat.

At Amanjiwo you will have a peaceful and spiritual experience that includes an eclectic mix of village and temple tours, unique picnics and trekking on horseback and cart or even elephants.

Art lovers will enjoy the range of galleries that display local talent from and around Yogjakarta and Boroobudur. Food lovers are in heaven as Amanjiwo's Javanese menus offer a wide variety of local dishes.

The Plataran is located directly on the sea in Labuan Bajo - the most convenient starting point on Flores for boat trips to the Komodo National Park - and offers stylish villas in green gardens on the beach.

The charming villas are made of carved wood with ornate terracotta roofs in the Indonesian style. Inside, the decor is calm and cool, with polished stone floors, cream walls, and high woven ceilings.

The furniture is classic, in untreated or polished wood, with neutral textiles and soft furnishings. All villas have their own terrace with a view of the garden or over the sea to Komodo.

We are convinced that our handpicked luxury hotels in Ecuador and luxury hotels in Galapagos will skilfully round off your dream trip and inspire you.

At Unforgettable Journeys, we not only take care of your accommodation, but also design your entire trip according to your preferences and at your own pace. You're on vacation, we'll take care of the rest!

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