Morocco hotels

Finest lodges & luxury hotels in Morocco

During your journey through a mysterious and mystical land, stay in accommodations that will marvel and dream. Whether alone in the desert under a billion stars in a top-class camp, a fairy tale from 1001 nights come true.

High up in the Atlas Mountains in a luxury fortress that has already served as a Hollywood film set and offers a fabulous view of old Berber villages. In a boutique hotel with a unique roof terrace, from where you look like on the historical medina or in a huge, opulent palace with a fairytale garden and endless pools.

Let yourself be enchanted by Morocco and its multifaceted accommodations!

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Sensational beach pearls in hidden bays

The coast of Morocco is long, beautiful and windy. There are, however, the secret bays where you can enjoy the view of the spectacular Atlantic Ocean protected from the wind.

And try the best seafood in the country with your feet in the sand, with a glass of wine in hand. These bays invite you to wildly romantic lonely pick nicks, which you can get to by boat and, if you wish, a grill master will spoil you with delicious delicacies from the sea.


Live in style like the wealthy Berbers.

With sensational views of the Atlas Mountains and spoiled by cultural and culinary insights into the past and lived Berber culture.

Enjoy wonderful hikes, try your hand at the art of baking bread, let your mind wander and feel inside yourself.

Glamping deluxe

Indulge in the immense silence of a private desert camp. Only they. And the width.

Make your way adventurously by buggy through sensational landscapes to your bed under the stars. Or leisurely by camel. Look forward to a chef who will pamper you. If you wish, an astronomy expert who will explain the stars to you.

A fire eater that will enchant you and your kids. A screen in nowhere for your favorite film. Or just silence. Enjoyment. A break.

A night as a nomad. It can change you.

Fairytale palaces like from 1001 nights

Whether in Marrakech, Fez or in lesser-known places: Morocco is full of beautiful, fairytale riads.

Live your very own dream of 1001 nights.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Luxury hotels Morocco

We have made a special selection of extraordinary hotels, residential palaces and desert camps for you in the land of 1001 nights with our luxury accommodations in Morocco.

The unbelievable combination of luxury, adventure, the best star cuisine in the midst of breathtaking nature and with unbelievable views make these hotels in Morocco something very special.

Our hand-picked and self-traveled hotels in Morocco offer, far from the well-known standard of luxury, unprecedented comfort, sensational service, outstanding architecture, fascinating architecture and unforgettable wow experiences that you will never let go of.

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