Namibia hotels

The special combination of casual ECO luxury in a unique natural setting with incredible views make our hotels, lodges and camps in Namibia something very special.

Our hand-picked and self-traveled luxury hotels are far from the usual standard of luxury. For us, luxury means being free and having unforgettable experiences on a trip in a class of its own. Experience and sleep exceptionally:

in futuristic, shipwrecked cabins in the spectacular nature of the Skeleton Coast, in a private camp in the Namib Desert or in a luxury camp built into the rocks in the mystical Twyfelfontein.

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Visionary architecture against a surreal backdrop

The buzzing landscapes of Namibia are captured, reflected and intensified by design created by visionary architecture and by real experts.

It takes courage to play with architecture in these beautiful unique locations. We know where this venture has been more than successful and where it will make your experience even more WOW.

Exceptional design and sustainability in style

Private villas, sustainably built and maximally integrated into the respective culture and landscape. Bird nests or airy Hemingway style villas.

Enjoy this special lightness of a wink moment for the duration of your stay.

Namibia Hotels: Comfort in the remoteNamibia Hotels: Comfort in the remote

Glampingto get close to nature and yourself. Comfort that lets you deal with the day's adventures in a relaxed manner and yet doesn't make it too comfortable in your head.

Your senses are awake, you hear what you otherwise don't hear, you feel what is otherwise quickly lost.

Look at the world with shining children's eyes. A fascinating experience, completely off the grid.

Namibia Hotels: Glamorous Lodges

Dare to go on a special adventure: go on a walking and hiking safari through sensational regions of Namibia.

You will discover secrets and gather experiences that would never be possible with a jeep, from mountainous terrain to Sand dunes. Let your private guide introduce you to this world, relax with a sundowner and enjoy a rustic, delicious three-course meal before falling asleep under the stars ...


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

We have made a great selection of extraordinary hotels for you in the land of contrasts with our fascinating luxury hotels and lodges in Namibia.

The special combination of casual luxury, adventure, the best cuisine in a unique natural setting and with incredible views make these hotels in Namibia something very special.

In the midst of overwhelmingly beautiful nature and an unbelievable view, you will experience WOW moments with eternal value that will leave you speechless.

Perfectly integrated into nature, with extraordinary design and casual luxury for the highest demands, you will experience a country in a way that you will remember forever. Personally tested - each accommodation is an unforgettable one-off

Namibia hotels are absolutely unique: There is nowhere else comparable accommodation on the continent. The lodge sits on a raw, rugged, and remote piece of African wilderness.

Towering dunes and windswept plains as far as the eye can see that is haunted by the icy Atlantic seas. Each of the 10 cottages were built to resemble the shipwrecks that line the beach.

All cottages are solar powered. In the center of the camp there is an equally innovatively designed lounge and a restaurant with a wide, wraparound deck and an unobstructed view over the sand to the Atlantic Ocean.

An exclusive private villa tucked away in a lush valley in the Namib Desert. This valley is a true desert oasis, with seasonal natural water pools and waterfalls, a light-flooded water hole offers exciting and varied desert wildlife observations as well as incredible bird watching.

The luxury cottage was designed with the unique structure of a settler weaver's nest as inspiration and it took eight years, including three years of construction, to complete this project, resulting in one of the most extraordinary private villas in Namibia in terms of design and decor.

It consists of 3 private rooms with their own bathroom (King & Queenbeds) as well as an additional children's room with its own bathroom. Exclusively hosted by one of the best nature guides in Namibia, a private butler and a renowned gourmet chef, swimming pool, outdoor and indoor lounge are of course not to be missed.

The camp is 100% solar powered, very family and child friendly.

Your fairytale mountain camp is located in the timeless landscape and still untouched wilderness of the southern Damaraland amid gigantic granite marbles.

The camp was built in the style of an African village on a slope with a view over the Aba-Huab Rivier and the sandstone formations behind. It promises peace, quiet and a stylish atmosphere.

The camp is an ideal starting point for a visit to Twyfelfontein with its rock engravings and paintings, which can be admired in the late afternoon in the warm light of the setting sun due to the proximity of the camp.

Namibia Hotels are Extraordinary: A Hidden Paradise. The camp in the area of Twyfelfontein, which is perfectly built into the rocks and perfectly integrated into the landscape, is difficult to see from a distance. If you come closer, you will be amazed.

The architecture is unique, the way the rocks were incorporated into the construction of the lodge fascinating. The 12 rooms consist of imaginatively furnished luxury tents that were erected on platforms and offer a wonderful view of the unique desert landscape.

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