Peru hotels

Finest accommodations & luxury hotels in Peru

In the land of the Inca we have selected the most beautiful, extraordinary and outstanding hotels for you.

Our favorite luxury hotels in Peru will amaze you, the nights here give your unique trip that very special icing on the cake. Whether you enjoy the best and most beautiful views from the private island of Suasi on Lake Titicaca, you can cruise through the Amazon rainforest in a luxury cruise ship.

Or are you looking for an adrenaline rush? Spend an unforgettable night at a dizzying height in cozy honeycombs floating in the middle of the rock face of the Skylodge. Our special favorite luxury hotels in Peru combine experience, adventure and the highest level of comfort.

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Private villa in the Amazon - a perfect getaway in breathtaking surroundings

This private and casual villa is the perfect hideaway for guests looking for maximum privacy in a stunning natural setting with integrated services. A unique experience awaits you:

the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation and unobtrusive service. This private villa is ideal for honeymoons and romantic getaways, for writers and artists as well as for guests who are looking for a casual adventure and for whom luxury consists in experiencing.

By boutique boat through the mystery of the Amazon

Our small, fine boutique boats will take you to where you no longer come with a hotel as your home base.

Deceleration and adventure. Peruvian cuisine at the highest level, casually celebrated.

Experience what a cruise can also be: individual, relaxed, adventurous, unique.

Luxury in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Come to rest and let the aura of the Sacred Valley sink in.

In the Sacred Valley there are some wonderful oases where, after exciting days exploring the Inca ruins, hiking, horse riding and the award-winning Peruvian cuisine, you can perfectly indulge your thoughts, let yourself be pampered at the spa and make plans for the next Forge day.

The most remote lodge in South America

Explore the world of the Amazon as a guest in a research center.

The lodge's pristine location means you are surrounded by the rarest and wildest wildlife of the Amazon jungle. There are no people around so you can see more monkeys, macaws, and other critically endangered species than anywhere else.

Every now and then you can even spot a jaguar! Designed using traditional, local materials with little impact on the environment, but with the aim of providing the comfort necessary for the best wildlife experiences without compromising authenticity.

The bedrooms open onto the surrounding rainforest and allow you to enjoy this diverse ecosystem and colorful fauna even during your time off.

Like a bird in a nest

Spend the night in a glass capsule on the steep slope. Can only be reached by via ferrata. And only to leave again by zipline.

Enjoy the tingling sensation, the peace and quiet and the view while you enjoy a delicious dinner in your capsule and count the stars.

A guaranteed once in a lifetime WOW moment.

Futuristic glamping: escaping the familiar

A sustainable glamping experience that, thanks to our experienced guides, will bring you into close contact with the Andean culture.

On this ecological adventure, you'll hike along lesser-known Inca trails over pristine mountain slopes as you spot condors, wander past glacial lakes, visit quaint villages, and visit ancient Inca citadels like Machu Picchu.

A high-quality campfire cuisine rounds off your experience wonderfully.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Luxury Hotels in Peru & Lodges in Peru

On the one hand, the place you travel to, and on the other hand, excellent accommodations ensure extraordinary travel experiences.

Our selection of luxury hotels in Peru and lodges in Peru guarantees you unforgettable moments in the land of the Inca high culture.

You float at a dizzying height above the Sacred Valley of the Inca in the Skylodge Peru. Honeycombs mounted on the rock wall enable you and the whole family to have a top-class experience.

You will find an exquisite mix of wellness, nature and culture in the explora Valle Sagrado. explora offers you over 20 activities on foot or by mountain bike, in which you and your guides can experience adventures in unique geography combined with fascinating Andean culture and relax extensively with relaxing spa treatments.

You get up close and personal with the vibrant nature of the Amazon on a cruise with the Dolphin 1, on excursions into the depths of the jungle or watch natural beauties pass by from the jacuzzi in your suite.

Luxury hotels in Peru also include the incredible slow travel experience on the Belmond Andean Explorer luxury train. You combine travel and living on this special luxury train ride from Cusco over Lake Titicaca to Arequipa, which will give you impressive views of the Andean highlands of Peru and spoil you with comfort.

You go on a private island adventure in the middle of Lake Titicaca on Isla Suasi and have lasting and reverberant relaxation experiences in the excellent eco-lodge, which round off your individual dream trip to Peru.

We want you to have unforgettable moments while traveling. We not only find you the best luxury hotels and lodges in Peru, but also organize your day and evening according to your preferences. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas.

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