Argentina in 2 weeks

“Argentina in 2 Weeks: Horseback Riding, Wine, Relax & Spa”

Argentina's nature is spectacular and unique. Just now you are climbing thickly wrapped up along the Andes, in the next moment you are galloping wildly and freely on the back of your horse through the scorching heat of the expansive Argentine pampas. Almost all climatic zones and all types of landscape (lakes, coasts, rivers, steppes, pampas, mountains, ...) can be found here in a single country. In addition, a good infrastructure, excellent wines (Mendoza is famous for its grape varieties), delicious food and incredible sights ensure that you will think back to this trip forever with sparkling eyes and pounding hearts.

Here are a few tips to help you experience two weeks of perfect Argentina:

Day 1-3: Waterfall romance and jungle adventure

They are kilometers long, the largest waterfalls on earth, Unesco world heritage sites and, according to legend, the work of the vengeful god Boi, who created this gorge in the jungle to thwart the escape of lovers: the Iguazú waterfalls. Anyone who has ever stood in front of the more than 270 cascades of cascading water will certainly never forget the sight. The incredible natural spectacle extends three times as large as the Niagra Falls. But otherwise there is also an infinite amount of things to discover and experience around the water spectacle: rafting, trekking, helicopter flights or a visit to the bird park, to name just a small selection.

Day 4-7: Metropolitan flair and lots of action

Buenos Aires - the Paris of South America - has a lot to offer in culinary and cultural terms, and sometimes the two can even be wonderfully combined. A tango dinner, for example. They eat with relish, others dance. Of course, you can also learn to dance tango yourself - with real masters in authentic locations. Or you can take someone by the hand who will explain the capital to you from the perspective of an insider: explore the art scene with a philosophy professor, take a guided tour through the coffee house district followed by shopping, a private wine tasting with an expert, a very private one Visit an artist in the in-house studio, an exciting street food tour or a visit to one of the best restaurants in town - the "i Latina".

Day 8-10: At a gallop through the not boring Argentine pampas

Demanding adventurers enjoy the wild naturalness on horseback and discover haciendas that are actually still in operation. If you want, you can lend a hand and immerse yourself in the real life of a farm. If you like to play polo, no problem, we will be happy to organize training for this, and culinary connoisseurs will also get their money's worth in the small, fine hotels.

Day 11-14: Mendoza - Wine, Spa & Relax

Mendoza is a must for anyone who likes to drink good wine. Great, small boutique hotels in the midst of imposing wineries invite you to enjoy the long day of wine in its best, most beautiful and purest form. Since all wine tastings (outside of your own hotel) can be easily reached by horse, you don't have to worry about your driver's license. But also for hikers, spa lovers and relaxation enthusiasts there are spectacular contact points between the vine and the magic of the Andes.

Good to know:

In Argentina, the people are extremely helpful, open and incredibly hospitable. A low crime rate makes it an attractive destination in every season. It is also the perfect travel destination for families with children.

Travel extension tip (days 14-19): Beach, relaxation & typical Brazilian lifestyle

For everyone for whom 14 days of #Righttravel are not enough, I recommend a beach trip extension to neighboring Brazil. The lively beach life on the famous 4 km long Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro will immediately cast a spell on you. Lively samba rhythms and refreshing cocktails conjure up Brazilian lifestyle in no time.


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