Julia's Unforgettable Moments in Botswana

I had unforgettable moments in Botswana.

I've been back in Munich for a week.

And I still feel it.
We watched a large herd of elephants at a watering hole.

A wonderful spectacle, with baby elephants and huge animals.

When suddenly a group of lionesses with their 5 cubs appeared.

To watch how the elephants scare away the lions from time to time,

who crept up again, it went back and forth.

Really nice.

Especially nice, of course, because we were the only people present with our one jeep.

With one tiny exception - which still makes me smile today - a National Geographics cameraman was there too. He is watching and filming the lion family for a current project.

I will never forget to watch him do it and watch the first part of the accompanying documentation on his laptop around the campfire in the evening.

And without wanting to fuel your longing for travel too much - it got even better - because: the lionesses were once driven to our jeep by the elephants. They walked very close around us. To the open jeep. We froze. No more photos. A lioness rubbed the front edge of the jeep and her tail slapped lightly against our car. And touched my arm. My heart was beating in my throat, I held my breath. And felt a sensational feeling in me. A mixture of fear, fascination and: Hasn't that really happened now?

As I said, the evening around the campfire was long.

Such encounters are extremely rare. They happen where there are only a few people and the animals are not disturbed by safari guests. Where the guide is extremely knowledgeable about the area and the animals. And be friends with the National Geographics team. And those little things more - that make a big difference.

Imagine you were in the jeep. And around the campfire?

How would that have felt for you?

Best regards


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