Do you also know that feeling of power, inspiration and emotion when you discover a magical place? For me it can be landscapes, lodges, cafes, beach bars. There are always places that speak to me. And when it comes to lodges, it is usually not magic, but a visionary team behind it. Who want to say something with the lodge. Want to achieve something. Something that makes the world (even) more beautiful, better, more tolerant, more sustainable, more attentive .... Because the guests of the lodge feel the mission. Engage and feel inspired. And this spark of inspiration sets something in motion in the guest. That unfolds its power far beyond the stay. The life of the guest shapes, his thinking expands, his actions change. You know what I mean?

Then I have a couple of wonderful lodges just for you that you should get to know. Because: here you will meet visionaries who are courageous and who have implemented projects that are initially ridiculed - and now admired. Let yourself be inspired. Here and maybe soon on site.

Diving dream and barefoot luxury in Raja Ampat

"This island is one of the most pristine reef systems on earth - one of only a few places in the universe where biodiversity is improving rather than decreasing." -Dr. Mark Erdmann, marine biologist, coral reef ecologist and vice president of Conservation International's Asia-Pacific marine programs. The mission: to make extraordinary and enriching experiences in a sustainable environment possible for guests from all over the world and our own employees.

The goal is to protect and revitalize both the natural environment and the community in which one operates. Working with the Misool Foundation, the shared mission is to protect the most biodiverse reefs on earth by empowering local communities and providing a structure to maintain their traditional reef durability. At the heart of what we do is the belief that sustainable tourism and nature conservation are mutually beneficial. Formerly a paradise for brutal fishermen, now a dream for diving enthusiasts and nature lovers due to the commitment of a visionary couple MARIT and ANDREW Miners. This private island dream lies deep in an archipelago of uninhabited islands.

Support National Geographic with white water rafting, abseiling and a hike to discover indigenous secrets

National Geographic's most unique lodges in the world is more than a showdown at world class hotels. It's a collection of rare experiences that offer guests an intimate encounter with parts of the world that not many get to know. Each lodge is deeply rooted in their community and aims to protect the surrounding habitats and cultures and use their magic to protect them for the future. This lodge here is located on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica and was built with minimal environmental impact and maximum on-site support

Why do we love this hut?

Instead of using Pacuare's protected trees to build the main hut and bungalows, farmers running a reforestation project sourced the lumber. Local Cabécar Indians built the thatched roofs from palm leaves in the traditional style. The owner Roberto Fernandez hired his first employee by going into the village and asking for the best poacher. Twenty years later, this former poacher is the lodge's supervisor, guiding visitors through the canopy course. Since there is no electricity in the bungalows, the environmental impact of the Pacuare Lodge is extremely low. Without the distraction of technology, guests connect more closely with the rhythms and romance of the rainforest and with their own fellow travelers.

Ibera: National park established and an old farm restored to a lodge: The owner of this lodge - a real hero

In 2001, the Conservation Land Trust (CLT), founded by conservation philanthropist Douglas Tompkins, acquired the Rincon del Socorro property to create a 74,130-acre nature reserve. With the acquisition of Socorro and other areas in Ibera, CLT's goals were both simple and ambitious:

To create the largest Argentine nature park, to reintroduce locally exterminated wildlife species and to promote an economy based on ecotourism. To do this, Tompkins and his team have restored and expanded the ranch's historic buildings, banned all cattle from the reservation, removed hundreds of miles from fences, and initiated the largest regrowth program in America. So far, CLT has reached an agreement with the governments of Corrientes and Argentina to integrate 36,000 hectares of Socorro into the future Ibera National Park and to include the remaining areas in a national reserve. Socorro Lodge is wholly managed by CLT and any income generated from its activities is invested directly in Ibera's conservation efforts.

The end of the world - a fragile paradise

This beautiful EcoCamp is located in the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia and was founded in 2001 by Yerko Ivelic and Javier Lopez, two Chilean engineers. With the aim of creating a unique, sustainable accommodation option in the remote Torres del Paine. They took their inspiration from the local Kaweskar tribe, their styles and homes, and built state-of-the-art geodesic domes that are completely environmentally friendly.

Since then, EcoCamp has served as an inspiration and trailblazer for ecotourism, inspiring the creation of eight other similar hotels around the world and generating interest in sustainability and ecotourism in the area. Guests from all over the world have come to participate in and support the EcoCamp experience. Come and immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of the Torres del Paine National Park. The EcoCamp Patagonia is the first cathedral hotel in the world to be modeled on the old accommodations of the Kaweskar residents of the region. Spend your days exploring this fragile paradise with trekking, multi-sport adventures and game viewing, and spending your nights in harmony with nature in your own dome


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