Why not let the world decide your next travel destination ?! In the short and medium term, the world offers some exciting festivals, events and new openings that are looking to inspire you. And of course there are also cultures and indigenous peoples that are increasingly threatened by our civilization and which getting to know each other can be extremely enriching. Before they'll be gone. Or to campaign for your preservation.

Here are our ideas for 2019:

Elqui Valley, Chile. Home to the solar eclipse of 2019.

When? July 2nd.

Chile stretches from the tropics to the poles and includes everything from arid deserts to Antarctic expeditions. This is a place for great and once in a lifetime experiences - not to mention the cultural, sophisticated and dining options. Whether trekking through the isolation of Aysen or world class wines en route to Valparaiso, a very private trip through Chile will take your breath away.

Visit the 20th anniversary of the Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia. When: October 2nd - October 9th

In the northernmost corner of Asia, Mongolia has always embodied a feeling of intimacy. A place where you are guaranteed to be off the beaten path no matter where you are when you venture into places so remote that even Google can't find them. A bespoke vacation in Mongolia is the ultimate reset.

Impressive new openings in Indonesia:

Nestled in the Wos Valley in the middle of a lush green forest, it was designed in the unmistakable style by one of the most renowned hotel designers in the world, Bill Bensley. A completely unique concept that was developed with a lot of fun. It's like taking a deeply spiritual tour to a local village before going out to eat at one of the restaurants.

A new opening in Coste Rica, suitable for every season:

Costa Rica is the place you are looking for a romantic getaway no matter what time of year. The concept of this dream lodge combines a number of special features that make it unique. Nantipa is the only luxury beachfront luxury hotel with independent bungalows and direct access to a vibrant surfers beach town with a variety of dining, shopping and nightlife options.

Discover Namibia with the Himba tribe

In Serra Cafema, which has just reopened, in the far north-west of Namibia, you will spend some time in complete isolation with the last nomadic people of Namibia to get to know your only neighbors, the Himba tribe, their culture and rituals.


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