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"The highlights of Ecuador & Galapagos Islands in 2.5 weeks"

It used to be: "If you've made the landing in Quito, it's half the battle."

Don't laugh, it was indeed not easy for the flight captain to bring his bulky plane to the ground at an airport that was built in the middle of a residential area and was also surrounded by high mountains. But that has been a thing of the past since the beginning of 2013. There is now a new airport.

But even if it didn't exist, my opinion is very clear: the incredible sights around Ecuador, the spectacular natural wonders and the animal diversity on the Galapagos Islands (marine reserve) are worth the thrill.

So that you too know what the perfect itinerary through this exciting country could look like, here are my very own travel tips.
Patagonia refers to the southernmost region in Argentina and Chile, which arouses an unbelievable fascination in active travelers and connoisseurs alike. Infinite expanses open up, countless experiences await peaks, in fjords and on the islands - but what is the best way to travel through them? My two-week travel plan is designed to help you savor the diversity of Patagonia to the last drop!

Day 1: Lively capital city life

Quito is not only the capital of Ecuador, but also the highest in the world. The cute inner city center with its wonderfully preserved historic buildings from the colonial era is particularly worth seeing. As early as 1978 it was rightly named a World Heritage Site by Unsesco and it is said that this is where the most important collection of South American art treasures can be found. Be sure to discover the equator monument. Only there is it possible for you to stand with one leg on the northern hemisphere and the other leg on the southern hemisphere at the same time. But also the countless cathedrals and churches with their playful baroque architecture are absolutely worth seeing.

Limit on. Guided trekking tours with overnight stays in tent camps are ideal for enjoying breathtaking views of the Beagle Channel and observing one or the other wild animal. Hikes lead through mountain forests and raised bogs, over snow fields (even in midsummer) and glaciers.

Day 2-5: Off to the jungle

Watch crocodiles, caimans, sloths, monkeys and lots of tropical birds in their native environment and immerse yourself in a mystical world with incredible fauna and flora. Fish for the dangerous piranhas or enjoy magical sunsets. Experience your personal jungle adventure on board a floating expedition luxury lodge, from where well-trained personal guides accompany you daily on excursions to mysterious places. If a cruise is not right for you, there are also sensational jungle hotels from where you can also do your own individual activities.

Day 5-8: National Park and Volcano

The Cotopaxi National Park has existed since 1975. The Cotopaxi volcano, which is still active and always snow-capped, forms the heart of the park and it is precisely this (but also the Ruminahui volcano) that is responsible for the fascinating landscape: everywhere cold lava flows, lahars and pyroclastic elements Rock. In spite of the great heights, an interesting, beautiful flora has also developed. Around 800 endemic plants have found their home there. Set a personal altitude record by driving to the 4,600 m high car park and then climbing up from there - either to the mountain hut (4,800 m) or to the glacier (5,000 m). Or just wander around at the foot of the volcano. Rent a private hacienda or check into one of the luxurious, working haciendas at the foot of the mountain. The main thing is that you have enough time for, for example, a tapas tasting, extensive riding trips or a visit to the markets that are well worth seeing.

Day 8-11: All aboard, please!

Ecuador can also be explored particularly beautifully by train. Especially in the historic, legendary Tren Crucero, which takes you comfortably through the breathtaking Andean landscape in its lovingly furnished wagons. The route from Quito to the Pacific is one of the most difficult routes in the world. So don't be surprised if people everywhere are waving to you in appreciation. That is normal. And somehow nice too.

Day 11-17: Fascinating wildlife and snorkeling fun

The Galapagos Islands are a true natural phenomenon. Countless, never-before-seen animal species cavort on and around the islands. Some are so intrepid that you are welcome to come a little closer to them. Children are here in paradise. But even adults will never be forgotten after snorkeling with sea lions or giant turtles. It almost feels like a journey through time when you can observe the prehistoric witnesses so closely in their home environment. The best thing to do is to rent a private beach house or a hotel right on the beach. Or you can go on a small cruise.

Good to know:

Vaccinations are not required. As far as malaria prevention is concerned, I personally do it so that I weigh up whether it is not enough to prepare myself with enough insect repellent and the intake of vitamin B before I unnecessarily run the risk of side effects. Only a few areas in the rainforest have a low risk of malaria.


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