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Our hotels in Oman are meticulously crafted with great attention to detail and combine adventure with casual luxury. They are in harmony with nature, provide views, speechlessness and serve you with top-class dishes.

For you we have selected our absolute favorite hotels in Oman with great care. Whether fascinating camps in the desert, fascinating hotels on dream beaches or exclusive accommodation with a view of rough rock faces - each accommodation is a wonderful unique piece. Casual luxury meets adventure.

Luxury travel Oman. Oman - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.


The view

This dream, considered the most sought-after luxury hotel in Oman, lies in the central part of the Al Hajar Mountains and offers a gateway to the region's incredible history, culture and nature. This rugged, mountainous region is one of Oman's most fascinating destinations thanks to the breathtaking landscapes, which include Jebel Shams, Oman's highest mountain, and Jabal Akhdar. Away from the hustle and bustle, this region offers an escape into immense loneliness. The lodge is surrounded by mountains, uninhabited villages, caves and gorges, and countless small roads that lead to new valleys and views.

The resort is located near the Saiq Plateau, a vast high plateau surrounded by rugged peaks and steep canyons. The area is also a treasure for history and culture lovers who can explore the many cultural sites in the cities of Nizwa, Bahla and Ebri.

The beach

Nestled between a private beach and a freshwater lagoon, the first and only boutique-style luxury accommodation with pool villas and cultural treasures can be found in this wonderful location. The majestic design reflects Oman's coastal forts. Garden paths with lush palm trees and water features invite you to take a walk.

Relax by the infinity pool or on the white sand beach. Explore archaeological ruins - or enjoy valuable local incense during exclusive spa rituals. Dream on quiet, beautiful terraces and let your senses be caressed by oriental, Mediterranean or Asian flavors.

The place to be

Not Palatshotel, but enjoying the sea and the fascinating culture of Muskats in a boutique style. Welcome to the most stylish hotel in the capital of Oman. Here you will meet an international group of exciting personalities who will relax and exchange ideas after their adventures in a private camp in the desert and the gorges of the fascinating mountains.

Child friendly and cool

The mixture of old and new, local and worldly is the story of this atypical palace. In addition to the breathtaking views of the manicured gardens, the sea and the Al Hajar Mountains, the only goal of this Muscat resort is to make every guest's stay comfortable and enjoy the greatest possible relaxation and recuperation. With a 3 kilometer coastline and sparkling clean waters, Oman is a paradise for divers. For those who prefer to stay on the water, there is every water sport imaginable. And for sun worshipers who prefer to spend time with themselves, let their thoughts roam the beautiful beaches. Enjoy the restaurant with your feet in the sand and so you like a terrace from which you can jump directly into a small barely visited pool.

Wild romantic dream beach

This adventurous dream hotel is located on the northern peninsula of Musandam in the Sultanate of Oman. The location of these beautiful indigenous-style accommodations and the private and exclusive marina is spectacular: with the rough, barren mountains on one side and the sandy beach on the other. Pamper your senses. Feel the sand under your toes, watch the sunset, experience a dhow cruise and, after a spectacular climb, paraglide to the diner on the beach in proper style. Concentrate on what really matters and treat yourself to a few extravaganzas. Immerse yourself in a sapphire blue lagoon or enter a deserted island that is only inhabited by turtles. The main goal of this dreamy resort is to treat you with respect and empathy. Always against the background that life to life, love to share and a smile is there for everyone.

Private desert camps - 1001 nights exclusively for ... YOU

After a spectacular desert safari, drive into your camp, the torches light up the last few meters. You can fall into the huge seat cushions, enjoy the tea and the view. You grab a board and slide down the dunes, stand under a warm shower in the open air while your personal chef prepares magical delicacies for you. Treat yourself to your dream of a desert fairy tale. Guaranteed unforgettable.


Luxury hotels in Oman

Our precise selection of luxury hotels in Oman is characterized by its location in the midst of extraordinary landscapes and its unique charm, which combines casual luxury and breathtaking nature. Our aim is to refine your individual journey with accommodations that are perfectly integrated into the landscape and authentic experiences in Oman, thus giving you an unforgettable adventure and experience.

Enjoy the Alila Jabal Akhdar, which is located in the central part of the Al Hajar Mountains and offers a gateway to the incredible history, culture and nature of the region. This rugged, mountainous region is one of the most fascinating vacation destinations in Oman thanks to the breathtaking landscapes that include Jebel Shams, Oman's highest mountain, and Jabal Akhdar, which means "Green Mountain" in Arabic and is considered the fruit bowl of Oman. Away from the hustle and bustle, this region offers an escape to loneliness.

The Al Bustan is authentic and unforgettable. Dine alfresco on the beach and enjoy the freshest seafood in the romantic Beach Pavilion. Or let yourself be dazzled by the acrobatic skills of the tea sommelier in China Mood. Al Bustan Palace offers a range of culinary treasures and houses some of the best restaurants in Muscat. The 33.000-square-meter spa, with a design that reflects Omani culture, offers you a wide range of treatments that are locally inspired and tailored to your individual wellness needs.

Zighy Bay is a retreat for body and mind. It is a retreat from the busy everyday life, an oasis for the calm and relaxed soul, a sanctuary of ultimate well-being. Everything is carefully thought out at Zighy Bay. In order to optimally guarantee relaxation, you sleep as if you were floating, eat only the highest quality and are catapulted into another sphere in the in-house spa. You feel healthy and vital and will no longer want to leave.

The private desert camp canvas allows you to spend one or more nights in the middle of the Ottoman desert in exclusively equipped Bedouin tents. You lean back, look at a crystal-clear starry sky, listen to the silence, away from any hectic everyday life or a hotel business. The accommodation will be created and prepared especially for you, with all imaginable amenities. The tents, with a diameter of just under six meters and a "room height" of around three meters, offer unexpected comfort.

We are convinced that our carefully selected luxury hotels in Oman skillfully round off your dream trip and inspire you. At Unforgettable Journeys, we not only take care of your accommodation, but design your entire trip according to your preferences and at your pace. You are on vacation, we take care of the rest!

Just because it is not on our website does not mean that we do not "have" your trip. We at unforgettable journeys plan the trip of your life individually for you.

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