Travel can inspire, travel can broaden and deepen knowledge about countries and cultures, but travel can also change. You can change us. In particular, encounters and experiences with extraordinary people change us. People who are different from us, maybe had the courage to do something we would never dare. Out of their conviction, they embarked on something quite “crazy”, incalculable, perhaps smiled at the beginning. We admire and respect you and inspire you with your strength, your being different, your thoughts, your attitude, your courage. At Unforgettable Journeys, we want to bring you in contact with just those special people. Be inspired and infected by these people who operate a hotel, a restaurant … in a special place.

SACRED VALLEY (CUSCO) – Meet Petit Miribel, Founder of Sol y Luna

“My name is Marie Hélene Miribel, but everyone just calls me Petit. I followed my heart and created a successful company for the Sacred Valley of the Incas to make my dream come true, to improve the future of some of the world’s poorest children. In my husband Franz I have met the perfect counterpart I have lots of ideas how to raise these children, and Franz has the gift to implement these bold dreams “…


RAJA AMPAT (INDONESIA) – “When I woke up in the morning from the sound of the waves on the shore …

” Misool is one of the world’s most pristine reef systems – one of the few places in the universe where biodiversity improves rather than diminishes. Misool is owned and operated by a passionate group of divers, conservationists, eco-freaks and dreamers. Read more about two of you.


PERU – the most exciting and highest region for a restaurant?

Mil first touches the earth and then eats it, “says Peruvian star chef Virgilio Martínez. This ambitious project in the Sacred Valley at 3,500 meters above sea level is Latin America’s most famous culinary experience. It is a 45-minute winding drive from Cusco, on the edge of the ruins of Moray: huge stone pits that for centuries served as an agricultural laboratory for the Incas …


ARGENTINA (IBERA) – the founder of this jewel a true hero

In 2001, the Conservation Land Trust (CLT), set up by nature conservation philanthropist Douglas Tompkins, acquired the Rincon del Socorro property to create a 74,130-hectare conservation area. With the acquisition of Socorro and other areas in Ibera, CLT’s goals have been both simple and ambitious: creating the largest Argentine natural park, resettling locally extinct wildlife, and promoting an ecotourism-based economy …


PATAGONIA – the ultimate barbecue and cooking school in the world

On a secret island in Patagonia, you’ll find the world’s farthest cooking school – the romantic escape of popular South American chef Francis Mallmann, a meat-smoking nomad who quotes poetry and grilled for David Beckham and the King of Spain.



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