Mongolia - new impetus for your family life

The essence of the trip: Mongolia travel tips - new inspirations for your family experience

For travelers who want to let go of the digital distraction, who want to concentrate on the essentials again and who want to freshen up relationships, Mongolia offers not only the scenery, but also tangible inspiration. You will be embedded in the nomadic communities of Bayangobi, where family life is central and a carefully cultivated dynastic life ensures a strong connection between the generations. All of this against the backdrop of the scenic Khogno Khan mountain range, where desert dunes meet the exciting surroundings of the steppe.

In this northernmost region, you will spend time with people who really know what it means to be self-sufficient. When you partake of the local culture, you will witness a completely different way of life with completely different priorities. As you spend time with local families and learn about their dynamics that structure nomadic lives, you will be stimulated to rethink your own relationships - to develop a new sense of the importance of the people around us.

On this trip you can expect:

You spend time with local nomads, whose way of life is very different from our own, and from whom we can nevertheless learn a lot, learn and grow.
Linger with traditional nomads who will teach you about a way of life that has remained unchanged in many ways for centuries. Get to know a different way of life from these encounters and unlearn a life led by the clock.
Spend time with a family of nomadic racehorse trainers. Learn about this historic sport in Mongolia before you set off.
Visit the famous spiritual site of Aglag Buteel Monastery, home of Purevbat Lama, one of the most influential figures in modern Mongolian Buddhism.

The facts:

Duration: 9 days

Best travel time: May - October

Price: From 6,400 euros per person.

The price includes:

The above price is for 1 person and includes detailed travel planning and advice as well as all of the nationwide logistics. This price also includes a first class guide who specializes in the selected area, an extensive local guiding support team and technical equipment for the trip as well as all domestic travel, including all flights and accommodation required for your trip. Most meals and drinks are also included. However, the price may vary depending on the individual planning.


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