Our luxury hotels and lodges in Namibia are unique. Amidst overwhelmingly beautiful nature and an incredible view,you will experience WOW moments with eternity valuethat will make you speechless. Perfectly integrated into nature, with exceptional design and casual luxury for the highest demands, experience a country in a way that will be remembered forever. Handpicked and personally tested – each accommodation an unforgettable unique piece.


A lodge that invites you to beach in the middle of the desert

The surreal landscapes of Namibia are captured and reflected and intensified by visionary designed architecture and by real experts. It takes courage to play with architecture in these beautiful unique places. We know where this undertaking has more than succeeded and where your experience will experience more WOW.

The Nest

Private villas, sustainably built and integrated to the respective culture and landscape. Bird’s nests or airy Hemingway-style villas. For the duration of your stay, enjoy this special lightness of a wink moment.

Comfort in the remote

Glamping to get very close to nature and yourself. Comfort that lets you relax the adventures of the day and yet does not make it too comfortable, in mind. Your senses are awake, you hear what you don’t hear, feel what else is quickly lost. Look at the world with shiny children’s eyes. A fascinating experience, completely off the grid.

A bed under the starry sky

Sleep in the middle of the wilderness. Nothing separates you from the sounds, the warm air. The fire is blazing, enjoy your dinner in nowhere before you celebrate your dream of adventure, discreetly guarded from a distance and always contactable by radio. Bright eyes guaranteed.

Glamorous Lodges

Stylish, luxurious, casual, adventurous – we know the best camps and lodges in Namibia that meet the double standards of true nature experience and style. Nature experience, reloaded.

On foot, adventurously bedded

Take a special adventure: take a walking and hiking safari through sensational areas of Namibia. They discover secrets and collect experiences that would never be experienced with a jeep, from mountainous terrain to sand dunes. Let your private guide introduce you to this world, relax with a sundowner and enjoy a rustic and delicious three-course meal before you fall asleep under the starry sky …


Just because it is not on our website does not mean that we do not “have” your trip.

We at unforgettable journeys plan the journey of YOUR life individually for you.

We have made a great selection of exceptional hotels in the Land of Contrasts with our fascinating luxury hotels and lodges in Namibia for you. The special combination of casual luxury, adventure, the best cuisine in a unique nature and with incredible views make these hotels in Namibia something very special

Our hand-picked and self-travelled luxury hotels in Namibia are far from the usual standard of luxury. For us, luxury means being free and taking home unforgettable experiences from a top-class trip.