Peru travel tips - impulses for a more sustainable lifestyle

The essence of the trip: Peru travel tips - develop a more sustainable lifestyle

Known worldwide for its hearty and healthy cuisine, Peru's culinary success is mainly due to the fact that natural resources are used optimally. Due to its diverse geography, ancient traditions and local customs, the country has become a pioneer for sustainable, tasty and nutritionally complete foods. The thriving culinary culture has led many to call it the food hot spot of South America, and for good reason. Modern chefs take advantage of the immense natural diversity that Peru has to offer, from coastal cities and the highlands to rugged, snow-capped mountains.

On this journey to the culinary arts of Peru and beyond, you will take a deeper, multi-layered look at what we add to our body and spend time with the people who brought these topics to the table. Together you will explore the people, places and dishes that define the Peruvian approach to sustainable, healthy eating. The flavors of Peru will stay in your memory for a long time and will accompany you on your way to a new, more sustainable way of life at home.

On this trip you can expect:

While visiting the Villa Maria del Triunfo fish market, watch a local chef and discuss the rich biodiversity of Peruvian waters. Find out how you can best protect this resource for the future. Relax with a seafood cooking class and experience what makes Peruvian cuisine so unique.
Visit organic farms in Cusco and learn from the people who run them what makes them so special and unique. Meet Manuel Choqque, aka “The Potato Whisperer”, a fourth generation potato farmer who specializes in ancient agriculture.
Visit the world-famous head chef Virgilio Martinez in his Mater Iniciativa laboratory and then in his new restaurant MIL. Enjoy a unique seven-course tasting menu with special tea infusions, distilled drinks and delicious nectars. Let us explain to you why these ingredients are chosen and how they are prepared.
Enjoy traditional Peruvian food in Pachamanca and Huatia with those who still maintain this way of life, and get a personal perspective on how the traditional can be meaningfully combined with the modern.

The facts:

Duration: 10 days

Best travel time: possible all year round

Price: From 11,400 euros per person.

The price includes:

The price given above is for 1 person and includes detailed travel planning and advice as well as all of the nationwide logistics. This price also includes a first class guide who specializes in the selected area, an extensive local guiding support team, as well as all domestic travel, including all flights and accommodation required for your trip. Most meals and drinks are also included. However, the price may vary depending on the individual planning.


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