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Tailor-made trekking trips deluxe - liberating, energizing, majestic

Deluxe trekking trips: trips that accompany you through picturesque landscapes and majestic mountains and offer views that are second to none. Unique experiences combined with comfortable camps and authentically luxurious lodges, which are the perfect place to relax and rest. Whether a trek to Machu Picchu, to Everest Base Camp or to Torres del Paine, through the Cordillera Vilcanota, the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve or on the Jomolhari Loop - all this gives you goose bumps with guaranteed relaxation!

Let yourself be enchanted by the following travel inspirations with unforgettable experiences, special encounters and breathtaking natural wonders. Towering mountains, picture-perfect sunrises, endless horizons framed by snow-covered 8-meter peaks and sophisticated living. Our deluxe trekking tours take you on separate hiking routes away from the crowds, where you can relax, switch off and recharge your batteries.


Inca trail from kilometer 104 in Peru

As is well known, the best comes at the end and according to this motto you trek along the last stage of the Inca Trail to what is probably the most spectacular legacy of this legendary people: the Machu Picchu. After several sweaty hours, many steps and even more anticipation, an unforgettable view of this sanctuary opens up before you. A magical moment that remains priceless.

Trekking on the Cordillera Vilcanota in Peru

The Peruvian mountains not only seduce you with a soothing tranquility, but also with wonderful, snow-covered peaks, deep blue lakes and hills made of colorful sedimentary rock. Photo motifs that will decorate every album. Encounters with the locals that remain unforgettable and energy and inspiration that open new doors - these are the valuable gifts of a special trek through another world.

Trekking on the Jomolhari Loop in Bhutan

The Jomolhari mountain: your constant companion during this wonderful trek, along with its namesake and an absolute eye-catcher! On the Jomolhari Trek you step on the remote paths of the Kingdom of Bhutan, enjoy the view of the snow-capped peaks, meet traditional yak breeders and experience first hand the Buddhist culture of this country. Look forward to this very special journey through the paths of a kingdom in the heart of the Himalayas!

Camel trekking in Mongolia

The Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in the eastern Gobi Desert is the perfect place to experience an exciting and unique trek. Hike with your own camel caravan through the exciting landscapes of this protected area. Crazy rock formations, tombs, ruins, sand dunes - a play of shapes and colors that will delight you!

Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal

The Nepalese call this imposing mountain "the forehead of the sky", and not without reason. Trek with your private guide at the feet of this imposing massif, admire its size and feel that very special mountaineering feeling - it is more palpable than anywhere else here. This sight and this very special feeling will be memorized in your memory and create a unique memory that you will definitely not forget!

Trekking to the Torres del Paine towers in Patagonia

The three towering towers of the Torres del Paine National Park are its landmarks and the way there is undoubtedly a paradise for extreme climbers. Meander through the snowy landscape, climb the obstacles with pimples and crampons and remain speechless at the sight of the three mountain giants in front of you - a marvel of nature!


Ecuador & Galapagos glamping

Welcome to the clouds! A new world full of mysticism and wrapped in an everlasting moss dress spreads out before you. Each overgrown path holds its own secrets and leads you to a trek in the Pasochoa Reserve that will delight you!

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Bhutan - Druk Path Trekking & Fine Lodges

This route from Paro to Thimphu is the counterpart to the hectic pace, the restlessness and the rigid and tight corset of some modern society. Immerse yourself in a world of deceleration, clarity and tranquility during these four days - your reliable haven of peace, the Himalayas, will not let you out of your sight and will give you sunsets that will leave you speechless.

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The glass dome in the steep wall

Have you always wanted to sleep in a condor nest? Here we have what comes closest to it! A luxurious lodge that hangs high up on the cliff of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. A really "crazy" living experience for intrepid globetrotters!

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Trekking trips deluxe with unforgettable journeys

On our luxurious trekking tours, you will hike through unique landscapes with your private trekking team and professional trekking guides. You experience the country in an authentic way. You hike away from the crowds through untouched landscapes and come into direct contact with the local people. You sleep in comfortable tents and your private chef prepares traditional culinary delights for you after an exciting day of trekking. All of this makes our deluxe trekking trips a unique experience. Hike in harmony with nature and let the tranquility and the landscape intoxicate you.

For us, deluxe trekking tours through Peru means finding ways, apart from tourism, in which you can experience the land of the Incas in a very individual way. The pristine Cordillera Vilcanota enchants through picturesque Andean highlands with grazing alpaca herds and is surrounded by the mighty white peaks of the ice giants and sparkling blue lakes.

Patagonia trekking trips deluxe combine luxury & adventure in the rough yet lovely landscape at the end of the world through the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and on the summits of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre in Argentina.

Touching experiences are guaranteed on your trekking tour through the spiritual and mysterious Ladakh & Tibet. Our deluxe trekking tours through Ladakh take you through wild and rugged valleys and villages in the land of Buddhism. You will stay in private Shakti houses or authentically with families and in private tents in the Markha Valley and while climbing the 6.000 meter Stok Kangri.

In Nepal you hike with us through lonely romantic mountain landscapes. You will discover the secret kingdom of Mustang and be enchanted by the power of the Himalayas and tranquility.

In the land of happiness, in Bhutan you can experience private trekking over remote passes, past snow-covered peaks on the Snowman Trek or at the foot of the Jomolhari.

In Sikkim & Darjeeling you hike through gentle evergreen tea plantations with views of the imposing Himalayan chain.

We plan your private trekking trip deluxe and design unforgettable experiences through outstanding landscapes that you will remember forever.

Just because it is not on our website does not mean that we do not "have" your trip. We at unforgettable journeys plan the trip of your life individually for you.

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