Stargazing - a MUST when visiting the Atacama Desert

Stargazing in San Pedro de Atacama

In northern Chile, we are offering you a new star gazing excursion in an exclusive, secluded location not far from the ruins of Tulor. The location outside of the city of San Pedro de Atacama is free of air pollution and therefore ideal for enjoying the most beautiful night sky in the world.

Stargazing is a must when visiting San Pedro de Atacama, so a dedicated observatory has been set up in the ancient parish of Tulor, far from any civilization and air pollution. A stargazing excursion offers an in-depth view of the night sky, in some of the most favorable conditions on earth, and with a direct view of the sand dunes and Licancabur volcano. Guests visiting the observatory learn about the constellations, the celestial sphere, archeoastronomy, cosmology, stellar evolution and space exploration with the naked eye and a powerful telescope.

Your Stargazing Tour schedule might look like this:

From about 9:30 p.m. you will be taken to the observatory in the Atacama Desert.

Upon your arrival at the observatory, your tour will begin. You will learn about the specific conditions of the Atacama desert sky, constellations and ancient myths, and the celestial sphere.

From around 10:15 p.m., observe the sky with your bare eyes to identify objects and structures that can be observed in the night sky.

You will then have the opportunity to observe space objects such as nebulae and star clusters through a telescope. Whenever the moon or other planets such as Saturn, Jupiter and Mars can be seen, which unfortunately is not always the case, you can also marvel at them through the telescope.

You will be returned to your lodge around midnight after this unique experience.


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