Dare an unforgettable expedition into the eternal ice, into the largest nature reserve on the planet, surreal and majestic. Experience what few people will ever dare to do.

You sleep in the only hotel in the whole of Antarctica, the largest ice desert in the world in futuristic polar domes or from an expedition ship, you will be your home base for adventurous discoveries.

Experience unique moments actively, explore and immerse yourself in the unique magic of the icy continent.

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Exceptional arrival by private charter

There's no way to go to Antarctica, you can reach your fantastic Polar Camp in style by private charter.

Time for reflection and self-reflection in beautiful polar domes

The fantastic luxury camp serves as a highly exclusive basis for the perfect Antarctic experience.

All powered by solar panels, there are only seven pods, spacious and luxuriously equipped, they offer every imaginable comfort.

Expedition cruises to the most remote and vast landscapes on earth

Make a dream come true and go on board an exclusive expedition ship. Make your way towards Antarctica and go ashore at Highlight Spotts.

Life changing antarctic experiences

The tremendous silence and inhospitable uniqueness of the Antarctic has the potential to confront us with ourselves.

We create a unique experience that has the potential to change your perspective: on yourself, life, the world. Tickle your creativity and embark on a unique adventure.

Discover adventurously and actively

Take the chance to actively discover the fascination of Antarctica - whether hiking, climbing, abseiling or ziplining.

Magical ice tunnels - immerse yourself in a surreal ice world

Explore surreal caves and tunnels, created by melting water, experience magical moments.

Discover the largest penguin colony in the world

Experience one of the greatest yet least-seen wildlife events on our planet.

Immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of the sight of a penguin colony made up of over 6,000 animals. Grandiose and fascinating.

Spectacular expedition to the geographic South Pole, experience what few people will ever dare

After a 7 hour flight you will reach your destination - you are entering the geographic South Pole, a place that not many people have yet entered.

Follow in the footsteps of the famous researcher Amundsen Scott and visit his legendary research station before spending the night in a base camp not far from the Arctic Circle.

Cape Horn

Steep, rocky and incredibly windy awaits you the legendary and notorious Cape Horn, formerly the most important sea trade route in the world.

In earlier times it was incredibly dangerous to circumnavigate, as evidenced by the world's largest ship cemetery.

Fly and Sail Antarctica

Sit back on your flight to Antarctica to King George Island, where the expedition cruise adventure begins.

Road of glaciers

Through the Beagle Channel you reach the legendary "Strait of Glaciers", where you are flanked by majestic ice masses - an incredibly impressive backdrop.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Antarctic weather

Antarctica stands for cold and ice. The average temperature is -55 degrees, on the other hand it is a bit "warmer" on the coast, here the average is -20 degrees in winter and 0 degrees in summer.

Antarctica Best travel time

The best time to travel to polar regions is summer in the southern hemisphere, our winter: between December and March. During this time it is also light up to 22 hours a day.


People in Antarctica

The Antarctic is not populated, only in the more than 80 research stations there are people who are supplied by air. There is also only one hotel in the Arctic, and cruise tourism is growing in popularity.

Entry requirements Antarctica

Depending on the country from which you are entering Antarctica: this is possible from Tierra del Fuego (Argentina / Chile), among others - most of the Antarctic expedition cruises, South Africa, Tasmania and New Zealand start from here.

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