Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is home to the largest concentration of elephants in Africa and is one of Africa's premier wildlife destinations. The famous Chobe River, which forms the northern boundary of the park, is a permanent source of water for the region's large animal populations. The diverse ecosystems in the park play an important role in housing a wide variety of animals. Large herds of buffalo and zebras, pride of lions, leopards, giraffes, kudu and the elusive wild dog are just a few of the species that can be seen during a safari in Chobe. The combination of the ubiquitous Chobe River and diverse vegetation make the park home to more than 450 species of birds, making it an absolute must for bird lovers.

The opportunity to observe these myriad animals from a safari boat makes visiting the Chobe River an extraordinary experience. On the river, you have the opportunity to watch this remarkable parade of animals from a small, nimble safari boat equipped with lounge chairs and sundowner drinks. A trip to Botswana is not complete without a visit to the Chobe Riverfront. As the only lodge in this region in the Chobe National Park, the Chobe Game Lodge is the ideal starting point to explore the diversity of this world-famous travel destination.

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Costa Rica - 2021

The best family trip we have ever done. And we have been traveling as a family for 20 years. The husky tour, the snowmobile race, the extraordinary lodges and camps - glamping in the snow - the incredible people we met and many other small and large details - have welded us together, challenged us, made us lastingly happy. Thank you Julia for the great coaching, the priceless inspiration and the perfect implementation.

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