Cambodia travel

A rich cultural past, especially evident in the grandiose ruins of Angkor Wat and the magnificent Presidential Palace in the capital, Phnom Phen.

Breathtaking landscapes, with lakes and waterfalls in the rainforest areas of the Cardamom Mountains, perfect for ziplining or mountain biking. Dark and oppressive, but also the history of the country, the memory of the Khmer Rouge and their killing fields in the capital.

Lonely, white dream beaches on an island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. Unforgettable experiences in Cambodia!

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Holy "City of Temples"

The magnificent, impressive temple complex of Angkor Wat is a must-see. 

The huge ruins are both a Buddhist sanctuary and a national symbol of the Cambodian people, and the structure can be found in the country's national flag.

Fascinating capital

The capital is full of architectural sights.

In addition to many cultural buildings such as stupas, temples and the royal palace, there are also beautiful city villas in the French colonial style and the central market built in the Art Deco style. 

Darkest past

The darkest chapter is inevitable in Phnom Phen, the rule and atrocities of the Khmer Rouge, oppressive and yet inextricably linked to the history of the country.

Luxurious relaxation on the private island paradise

In the Gulf of Thailand you will find your own personal island paradise in a fantastic luxury resort. Enjoy pristine, white sandy beaches and let yourself be pampered in your deluxe beach villa.


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