Chile travel

Chile luxury travel - wild, casual, enjoyable

Discover the diversity of Chile. Stroll through the streets of the charming artist town of Valparaiso and immerse yourself in the lively and pulsating capital of Santiago de Chile with its fascinating history.

Conquer the wonderful wine regions around Santiago, conquer impressive wineries on horseback and enjoy a glass of outstanding red wine. Start an adventurous road trip deep into the overwhelming nature of Patagonia's Torres del Paine National Park with its spectacular glaciers, fjords and crystal clear lakes.

Board a luxury expedition ship into the heart of Tierra del Fuego to Cape Horn with its penguin colonies. Dare to take a hot air balloon over the surreal moonscape of the Atacama Desert and discover the Atacama Salt Lake and Tatio Geysers.

Marvel at the spectacular clear starry sky while stargazing. Go on a voyage of discovery to the legendary Easter Island and marvel at the mystical Moai stone figures Rapa Nuis. Let yourself be pampered in extraordinary boutique adventure lodges.

Enjoy a sundowner with a natural show of kaleidoscopic sunset colors against the backdrop of jagged Andean mountains.

Explore lush orchards with local horticulturists. Hike into the pristine rainforest to watch monkeys swing in the canopy. Kayak along dramatic fjords. Visit steaming hot springs, shimmering white salt marshes, and emerald green lakes.

Explore the remains of the gold rush in Tierra del Fuego. Enjoy a tasting at one of the leading wineries and sample the finest Carmenère, Chile’s signature grape.

Extreme. Wonderful. Inviting. Adventure is the order of the day in this gem of land.

Chile stretches from the dry dunes of the driest desert in the world to endless glacier fields and fjords. Extremes that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Fertile valleys, smoky volcanoes, towering forests, terrifying rivers. The country is ripe to be discovered.

Luxury and individual travel Chile: wild and casual. Inspiration for world changers. Experience stories that reflect and enrich your personality. Unforgettable.

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The pulse of the country beats in Santiago de Chile. A visit to the historic center is a must as it is home to the Plaza de las Armas, which is lined with some of the city's oldest buildings.

At the market you get an insight into the everyday life of the Chileans and can cheerfully try the colorful assortment of exotic fruits.

In the Bellavista district, a quiet and affluent area with many old buildings and cozy restaurants, there is also the Cerro San Cristobal, which is ideal for a walk or a gondola ride with the cable car and from which you have a great view of the city.


For centuries, astronomers and observers from around the world have traveled to see the universe from the Atacama Desert.

Due to the uniquely clear sky almost all year round, you will experience the cosmos in a way that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Due to the altitude and the dryness of the area, there is hardly any air pollution and the view opens up a wonderfully beautiful starry sky.

You will not be able to shut up in amazement.


Eternal ice, snow, endless space, the wind whistles, cold, blue sky, rough mountains - follow in the footsteps of Bruce Chatwin, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kids.

Try to empathize with how a trendsetting travel writer and two outlaws felt on the run.


Cross borders, go trekking in the Atacama Desert, ski in world-class resorts, ride a horse through the Andes Mountains.

Marvel at the Monkey Puzzle Trees in the Lake District, explore Easter Island in the Pacific, hike to Torres del Paine, climb the world's largest volcano.

Visit the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere, get to know the Chilean penguins, get to know the people and their traditions on this path and do not miss out on indulgent moments such as stylish picnic breaks that will strengthen you on your way permit.


Endless streets, wild steppe, wind, quiet, long hiking trails, good air, breathe in, breathe out, beautiful mountains, glaciers, lakes, loving people ... - all of this awaits you on this road trip to the end of the world:


How about a trip to the moon? Completely unrealistic? No not at all. Travel to Chile and explore the Atacama Desert.

The driest desert in the world. Witness the most beautiful sunsets and the most beautiful and clearest sky. A sea of stars that opens up to you in a seemingly endless expanse.


A breathtaking flight that will give you unique memories.

With the hot air balloon you float over the driest desert in the world. The view of red Mars landscapes, bizarre rock formations, huge sand dunes and deep gorges will not be forgotten.

Let yourself be impressed by the play of colors and shapes - when the sun sets behind white sand dunes and red rocks.


The legendary Easter Island is a unique and lonely place, best known for its mystical and mysterious Moai statues.

The world-famous stone colossi reach a height of up to 22 meters. Experience the culture of Rapa Nui and discover the green island with its Polynesian roots on your own.


The Vina Vik Hotel is located in the Millahue Valley, 200 km south of Santiago, surrounded by hills, lakes and rivers, forests and valleys.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Chile Best travel time

In principle, you can explore the country all year round, although the different regions have different climates.

The best time to visit the south is in the summer from November to March, the center of the country shows its best side in the months of September to November or from the end of February to April. You can visit the Atacama Desert all year round, high in the north is the rainy season in summer.

The time difference compared to Central European Time (CET) is + 6 hours. During summer time, the time difference from Germany to Chile is +4 hours.

Language in Chile

The official language is Spanish. However, one can casually say that “Chilean” is spoken in this country. This type of variation on the Spanish language contains many special idioms and native words.

The traveler should have at least a basic knowledge of Spanish, as knowledge of English and German (except in the south of the country) is not very widespread.

Eating and drinking in Chile

Typical examples of local cuisine are empanadas (pies with meat, poultry or fish and onions, eggs, raisins and olives), humitas (spiced corn paste rolled in corn leaves and cooked), cazuela de ave (soup with rice, vegetables, chicken and various herbs ), Bife a lo Pobre (steak with french fries, fried onions and fried egg) and Parrillada (a selection of meat grilled on the charcoal grill).

Seafood is also excellent. The best known are the lobsters from the Juan Fernández Islands. Abalons, sea urchins, clams, crabs, and giant choros (clams) are also often offered.

Beverages: Chile is known for its excellent wine. Pisco is a high-proof schnapps made from distilled grapes. The sweet brown chicha and aguardiente, a brandy, are also made from grapes. Beer is available across the country

People of Chile

The Chileans are a down to earth nation. Your families, home and work are most important to you. Although a little more reserved than other South Americans, you can expect hospitality and helpfulness, so that you will certainly feel at home.

Chile entry requirements

All you need to enter Chile is your passport, which must be valid for at least six months. As a German citizen you do not need a visa (for a stay of up to 90 days). Upon entry, you will receive an entry receipt, which must be returned when you leave the country.

Chile travel with unforgettable journeys

On your Chile trip with unforgettable journeys you will experience nature, adventure - in short - Chile in style. Incredible lodges integrated into nature, the best wines in exquisite wineries, luxury experiences on expedition cruises through unbelievable Tierra del Fuego, surreal moonscape and play of colors in the dry Atacama desert, glittering volcanoes and deep primeval forests.

Chile is arguably the most diverse country in all of Latin America. Over a length of 4,300 kilometers from the north to the south of Chile, you will experience a wide variety of climates and vegetation zones on your Chile trip and cross 39 degrees of latitude.

It is for this reason that we particularly love our Chile trips.

Dream destinations for your trip

Chile was created for nature lovers and is ideal for hiking.

From the southernmost part, the incredibly wild region on the Magellan Strait and the Chilean Antarctica, you will experience wild nature and hardly any people on your Chile trip.

One of the most spectacular expedition cruises in the world awaits you here. With the Stella Australis you navigate on the Magellan Strait past icebergs, the legendary Cape Horn and penguin colonies.

The Patagonian part of Chile with its wonderful national parks such as the Torres del Paine National Park invites you to go on extensive trekking tours.

The Switzerland of Chile attracts with snow-capped volcanic peaks, glittering lakes, deep primeval forests and dreamy Andean backdrops.

On a road trip along the Routa 7 Lagos you will experience countless national parks such as the Huilo Huilo & Huerquehue National Park and have the opportunity to climb the Osorno volcano or go on hikes and horse riding excursions.

You will become aware of the extreme contrasts of this narrow country on your Chile trip when you arrive in San Pedro de Atacama.

The Atacama Desert is the driest desert on earth. Discover bizarre rock formations, visit hissing geysers and enjoy the sunset in the Valle de la Luna before you marvel at the twinkling starry sky.

Easter Island is isolated in the middle of the Southeast Pacific and 3,800km from the Chilean mainland. The mystical Moai stone sculptures are part of the Unesco World Heritage Site.

They rise prominently from the green landscape. But Easter Island doesn't just have a lot to offer culturally. Its wild, rugged nature invites you to go on wonderful hikes.

To round off your trip to Chile, dreamlike wineries invite you to linger between Valparaíso and Santiago de Chile.

We design your personal trip exactly to your taste. We are the experts and want to understand what you are dreaming of. We plan your personal Chile dream trip according to your wishes.

We combine the most beautiful regions of Chile with exciting daytime activities and distinctive accommodations. You can enjoy and relax.

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