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Adventure and lifestyle in Costa Rica. Take in the Central American flair while strolling through San Jose's picturesque streets. Raft across the Pacuare River to your exclusive lodge.

Move adventurously through the Arenal National Park with its still active volcano - hiking, mountain biking or ziplining. Venture into a canoe in Tortugero National Park - anything is possible. Immerse yourself in the incredible diversity of the animal world:

Mock turtles and sloths in the tropical rainforest. Enjoy relaxing days in your luxurious ECO Lodge on the Osa Peninsula or admire the spectacular sunset off the coast of Nicoya.

Lush. Superlative. Peaceful. The eco-capital of America is the head quarter for daydreams.

With the greatest density of species in the world and a quarter of the country nestled in national parks, the botanical wonders of Costa Rica are unique. Costa Rica is known for its environmental pioneering work and has a remarkable policy strategy:

The military was abolished in 1948 and the budget was invested in security, education and culture. Now considered the happiest country in the world, it is safe, fascinating, and welcoming.

Embark on a canoe expedition on the waters of Tortuguero National Park: a dense jungle of mangrove swamps on the Caribbean coast; discover the famous Corcovado National Park run by a world-famous zoologist to protect native species such as tapirs, toucans, hummingbirds, and macaws.

Take to the skies in a helicopter to watch smoke rise over an active volcano. Watch the arrival of sea turtles from olive groves. Discover some of the 500 native orchid species. Snap a selfie with a family of sloths as they wander through the jungle.

Marvel at the lush green of the jungle in Manuel Antonio National Park or see pelicans plunge into the water on the Jurassic Coast.

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National Geographic meets James Bond - a team of biologists searches for the world's largest collection of spinner dolphins by plane and guides your yacht to this natural spectacle by radio.

Thousands of acrobatic jumps, thousands of ohs and ahs ... do you dare to go into the water?


The dream of weightlessness. Absolute silence and solitude, no aids.

Concentration, concentration on yourself, concentration on breathing. Just stay calm and keep going, further down. How deep can you go?


Creative, passionate musicians speak and tell stories with their instruments. A choir of tuned drums, percussion and vocals sounds to create a piece of music together.

The feet in the sand, the sounds of the waves and the pulsating tribal beats of the performers make this jam session one of the most interesting you have ever taken part in.

You can play along and dance on the white dream beach! Experience traditional storytelling through dance, beautiful costumes, and the exhilarating freedom of the natural rhythms of life through music.


It doesn't always have to be a restaurant. So why reserve a table when you can have an entire beach?

Why arrive by taxi when you can arrive by horse. Such unique, extraordinary moments enrich in every way and remain unforgettable!


Witness grace, beauty, spirit and freedom on kilometers of private paths in the jungle and by the sea.

Gallop through the shimmering, ethereal glow of the sun through the tropical dry forest and along the miles of secluded white sandy beach. Get off your horse and dip your toes in the sea.

Marvel at having the entire beach to yourself.


Why take the jeep to the lodge in the jungle when you can also get there by raft? Must arrive.

Because there are no roads. Pure wilderness. And get out? By raft ... or by helicopter? Get pleasure?

Extraordinary trips make your wonderful life even more extraordinary.


Enjoy a delicious dinner under the Costa Rican stars on a platform erected in the branches of a centuries-old kapok tree 60 feet above the jungle floor, considered a sacred tree by the ancient Mayans.

Experience how the day slowly draws to an end and the jungle sinks into darkness.

Listen to the noises of the night, listen to a very special orchestra together and watch from a bird's eye view how nocturnal wild animals slowly crawl out of their holes.


Experimental Forest is a visionary's dream come true. Daniel Janzen is a formidable biologist who decided to turn a deforestation area into a development model for sustainability.

As you drive through the rural area, your private guide will show you which aspects were particularly important in the development and development of this farm. The view from above is a very special experience! As?

You climb into the treetops with top rope belaying. Once again on the ground under your feet, wonderful hammocks and refreshing drinks await you.


Surfing requires a fine balance between talent, experience, physical strength and a keen instinct for unpredictable waves.

The unpredictability is the core of this sport and at the same time a philosophy of life. Similar to life, it always presents surfers with exciting challenges.

Surfers chase the most impressive and perfect waves around the globe. With this uniqueness, unpredictability and yet a certain predictability thanks to geographical conditions and patterns, the risk becomes calculable.

Costa Rica has hundreds of fantastic beaches that are ideal for surfing and have been visited by surf enthusiasts as well as professionals for decades.


An experience like in a James Bond film awaits you here. You enter a seemingly limitless, for the most part still unexplored world, which is reserved for only a few privileged scientists and military personnel.

At 1000 feet underwater, they float through the depths of the sea and encounter hammerhead sharks, giant jellyfish, eagle rays or a completely transparent octopus. The further you dive, the more often you will encounter rare marine life that can only be found in the depths of the ocean.

A fascinating underwater show will play out before your eyes, opening up a new world for you and still hypnotizing you with this tranquility.


Step aboard a yacht with a research team. You will spend the day in one of the largest protected marine areas in the world, an extremely productive habitat that is considered a sanctuary for the hammerhead shark.

In fact, the IUCN Red List regards the hammerhead shark as an endangered and endangered species. They will help gather scientific data on shark fishing and identify critical habitats.

They support the researchers in fishing, measuring, marking and documenting the shark information.

They have the option to “adopt” and name their own shark and then receive data and reports on its travels, whereabouts and growth over its entire lifetime.


Your sea odyssey begins along the rich pacific coast of Costa Rica. Look down and listen to the water beneath your hull.

Enjoy the salty air on your face. Keep your eyes peeled as you gaze out at the crystal clear waters where you spot dolphins, whales, manta rays, big sea turtles! Go snorkeling and explore the wild and exciting underwater world.

Dock on a pristine, secluded white sand beach and relax in paradise. Laze around in the hammocks while the crew prepares fresh fish for you so that you can also enjoy this wonderful place with culinary delights.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Costa Rica weather

Although Costa Rica is a small country in terms of area, it can be divided into several climatic zones. Although Costa Rica is generally classified as a tropical country due to its proximity to the equator, Costa Rica has no real winter period and the sun shines here all year round.

The weather is classified into a dry and a wet season. You have over 12 hours of sunshine a day. The sun rises at 5:45 a.m. and sets at 5:45 p.m. year round. The main reason for the diversity in Costa Rica is because Costa Rica has the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other as a natural border. Of course, the weather changes as the altitude increases.

For example, Guanacaste, which lies next to the Pacific Ocean, has a dry climate, while Tortuguero, which is only about 210 km (as the crow flies) from the Caribbean Ocean, is very humid and wet weather prevails all year round. The Central Valley with San Jose enjoys the best climate in the country. The temperature here averages 22 degrees.

It feels a little cooler because of the cool breeze that blows in from the coast. In the highlands, the average temperature is around 13 degrees, while in the lowlands or at sea level the temperature remains constant at around 26 degrees, accompanied by hot days and muggy evenings. The average annual temperature in Costa Rica is 21 to 27 degrees. The coolest months of the year are November, December and January.

The months of March to May are the hottest months of the year and there is no real summer or winter in Costa Rica. The rainy season here lasts from May to November.

The heaviest rainfall occurs in September and October. From December to April it hardly rains. While the average rainfall in the country is around 1.7 liters, some mountainous areas receive up to 700 liters of rainfall annually.

Best time to travel to Costa Rica

Also keep in mind that the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica's Caribbean coast is unique and has its own microclimate. Since the weather is hot and humid all year round, there is no real dry season.
The time difference compared to Central European Summer Time is -8 hours. During winter time there is a time difference between Germany and Costa Rica of -7 hours.

Language in Costa Rica

The language in Costa Rica is as diverse and colorful as the country is. The official language is Spanish - but this is spoken in a way that is typical of the country. There are also some words that do not exist outside of Costa Rica.

In addition to the official language Spanish, English is also spoken. You can get along well on the Caribbean coast in particular if you speak English. In addition, around a dozen other languages are spoken in the country.

Several indigenous languages such as Bribri, Maleku, Guatuso, Cabecar, Ngäbere, Guaymi and Bocotá. On the Caribbean coast, Mekatelyu (Creole English) is spoken by more than 55,000 people.

The diversity of these languages does not always make it easy for the individual tourist, but on the one hand it contributes to the charm of Costa Rica and on the other hand points to the culture and history of Costa Rica.

Eating and drinking in Costa Rica

The cuisine of Costa Rica is just as different as the landscapes and the climate. In principle, you will find excellent French, Italian, Mexican and Chinese restaurants in the big cities of Costa Rica.

However, if you prefer it, as is typical of the country, you should visit so-called “sodas”. Fresh and local dishes are served here. Typical specialties are “casados” consisting of meat, beans, rice, cabbage and plantains, or you can try “sopa negra” consisting of black beans with poached egg.

Typical drinks are, for example, "Horchata" or "Pinolillo".

People of Costa Rica

About 4.7 million people live in Costa Rica. The inhabitants of Costa Rica, they call themselves Ticos and Ticas, are for the most part descendants of the Spanish conquerors. The proportion of the black population as well as the mulattos, who are mainly to be found on the Caribbean coast, is less than 3 percent.

With only 25,000 inhabitants left, the part of the indigenous indigenous population only makes up a very small part. The Catholic religion is formative for all of Latin America. Costa Rica is for the most part a Christian country and the Roman Catholic denomination is the state religion in Costa Rica. 77 percent of the population of Costa Rica are Roman Catholic, 14 percent belong to the Protestant Church. The rest are divided into smaller groups such as the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Faith plays a very central role in life for Costa Ricans. This is also evident from the many Christian symbols such as crosses, images of saints, statues of the Virgin Mary, etc. that hang in buses, public facilities, taxis, squares, etc.

The distribution between men and women is relatively even. The average life expectancy of people is around 79 years.

Entry requirements for Costa Rica

A valid passport is sufficient to enter Costa Rica, a visa is not required as long as you are entering as a tourist. This is possible for a stay of up to 90 days.

Costa Rica Travel & Costa Rica Luxury Travel with unforgettable journeys

Our trips to Costa Rica are just awesome. Spectacular nature, extraordinary lodges and outstanding experiences make your trip to Costa Rica with unforgettable journeys an unforgettable experience.

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