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The lush rainforest, the largest network of protected areas, is found in Central America and extends over an area of more than 1.2 million hectares. The highlands are the heart and soul of Costa Rica. This fertile and green area with its towering volcanoes in the north and looming mountains in the south forms the cultural and geographical center.

In the Caribbean of Costa Rica there is a protected zone of incomparable beauty that begins near the town of Siquirres and extends over about 25,000 hectares to the Talamanca Mountains. This area, known as Pacuare, is one of the most important areas of this region. The proximity to the lowlands and the high amount of precipitation ensure that the complex life systems are preserved and an extraordinary natural beauty is preserved. You can admire this beauty by walking down the 108 kilometer long Pacuare River, which forms the northern border of Central America. go. The lush, pristine rainforest through which the Pacuare meanders immerses you in the wild. Accompanied by the best rafting professionals in Costa Rica, you will discover sloths, coatis, anteaters, howler monkeys, snakes, exotic birds such as toucans and parrots in the dense jungle. Even jaguars and panthers are spotted now and then.

During the trip you will pass around 20 waterfalls. Stand under it, let the refreshing water flow over your body and breathe in this pure and fresh air. Hike an ancient path, the Cabécar route, which has been used by the indigenous people for generations. The Cabécar are the largest indigenous group to be found in the remote Talamanca region of eastern Costa Rica. Dare this somewhat arduous hike over this impressive path and visit this great "family clan". It will be worth it! You will experience a breathtakingly beautiful landscape and finally reach the Cabéar community. Spend unforgettable hours here with fascinating people and immerse yourself in their way of life. If you are looking for solitude or togetherness, spoil yourself with a dinner on a 60-foot platform. You dine in a tree considered sacred by Mayans and listen to the night. Listen to beautiful choirs and watch nocturnal animals from a bird's eye view. Afterwards you visit Tortuguero "The Venice of the Tropics". You can reach the most remote part of Costa Rica by boat or plane and experience the Mirror Canal with its perfect light reflections, take a canoe tour in a traditional canoe or go in search of two- and three-toed sloths by motorboat ...

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Costa Rica - 2021

Although the travel planning with Julia was only done by phone and email, the planning was perfect! Through targeted and correct questions, Julia quickly understood what goals I was pursuing with the trip, what needs I had and what makes me happy. For me I can say that the chemistry was right and that made a lot of things easier. The trip was perfectly planned, perfectly executed and met all my needs! I have never regretted a penny I spent on this trip. I have never felt so free in my life as during these 4 weeks in South America!

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