Guanacaste the green paradise & Pacuare

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The Guanacaste region on the northwest coast is one of seven provinces in Costa Rica and is a breathtakingly beautiful green region. On about 10,000 square kilometers there are three national parks (Santa Rosa National Park, Guanacaste National Park and Rincón de la Vieja National Park) with three volcanoes (Rincón de la Vieja volcano, Miravalles volcano, Tenorio volcano). This natural beauty is home to numerous wildlife and marine life. With around 354,000 inhabitants, this region is only very sparsely populated. But not only the vastness of the national park, but also the dreamy, white beaches beckon. And you, too, are sure to be enchanted.

Start your best time of the year with an expedition through the Guanacaste National Park and discover the ecological diversity with around 3000 plant species. So that you can experience the jungle in a very exclusive way, get into a helicopter with which you fly over volcanoes and treetops and experience the hustle and bustle of the animal world from above. Conquer hard-to-reach places with an original Tom Car. Drive a former military vehicle yourself and tackle rough terrain with ease and comfort. You drive steep climbs and descents, steer the vehicle through streams, rivers, mud and sand.

Get on a horse with your kids or let them ride for themselves. Ride through the shimmering light of dawn through misty rainforest, open farmland, or through streams before a pristine, white-sand beach presents itself. And if you have the right clothes on or with you, you can even go swimming with your horse. Trust the animal and make a bond with it. Feel the rhythm of the horse, let it become yours and just enjoy the wind and the sea breeze that blows around your nose during this experience.

You travel on to Pacuare a green paradise. Locals say it is the heart and soul of Costa Rica. In a boat you will conquer the 108 kilometer long Pacuare River. Steer through deep canyons and gorges along steep and rugged walls with your personal guide. Your children will be delighted.

Then relax in an enchanting 5 star river lodge in the middle of the reserve, right on the river. offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding vegetation and valleys. Have a drink at the bar and indulge your taste buds with local dishes ...

Steffi B.

Costa Rica - 2021

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