Luxury travel Costa Rica. Costa Rica - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like Dr. Julia Malchow.

Float over the largest and most remote national park in Costa Rica and experience the largest national park in the country in a very special way. With 207,000 hectares on the Panamanian side, the "International Park of Friendship Costa-Rica - Panama" and the adjacent Chirripó National Park, the national park forms the largest nature reserve in Central America. Several Indian reservations border the nature reserve on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides. The highest mountain, the "Cerro Kamuk" has a magnificent height of 3549 meters.

Due to its extraordinary size and fundamental importance for science, this incomparable piece of nature was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1982 and a World Heritage Site in 1983. You experience the vastness of this natural beauty in a completely different way, in a very special way. Who does not know the drowsy vibrations of a car or bus, or the use of an airplane, which is no longer unusual even for small children. Millions of people know the smooth glide of an electric train and the mesmerizing rhythm of a rocking boat.

But many, many people know the feeling of flying in a helicopter? This special experience is reserved for only a few. The combination of a relatively slow speed compared to an airplane and the proximity to the earth offers you a fabulous, incomparable opportunity to perceive forests, animals and indigenous people from a bird's eye view. The helicopter soars slowly, vertically, and for a minute or two you feel as if you can take it off in any direction. The next moment the helicopter bends forward slightly and begins to accelerate, after a few moments it has reached its cruising speed. From this point on, you will have an unobstructed view of the country's tropical landscape. You will enjoy breathtaking views over lush rainforests, cloud forests, dry forests, two oceans and over 200 volcanic formations that were formed over 65 million years. You fly over waterfalls and Indian villages and marvel at the beauty of the world from above.

Cameras record this unique, very special experience for you so that you can remember it again and again later and see this natural beauty before your eyes.

Back on earth, continue exploring on foot. You will hike through the jungle, observe wildlife and a variety of birds and parrots. Discover turtles and marvel at this incredibly diverse flora. Then it goes on on the back of a horse. You gallop on endless, white sand beaches and dream to yourself. Your adventures begin and end in exclusive and fantastically beautiful lodges that have been specially selected for you. While top local chefs pamper you with selected delicacies, sit on your very private terrace, listen to the sound of the sea and pause in this never-ending moment ...

Family S.

Costa Rica - 2021

Dear Unforgettable Journeys team,

in the meantime we have arrived back safely in Berlin. On this way many thanks for the very good organization of the trip to Greece - also for organizing the various restaurant reservations at short notice.
All in all, we really, really enjoyed the trip and will definitely remember it for a long time to come.


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