Darjeeling & Sikkim

Tailor-made Darjeeling & Sikkim Trekking Trips - Between Mountains & Tea Plantations

Darjeeling - world famous for its tea and its impressive tea plantations invites you to a region full of mysticism.

Against the backdrop of the majestic and spectacular Himalayas, hike along the old caravan routes or take the Darjeeling Himalaya Railway, the "Toy Train" along the plantations and through picturesque hills and places up to Tiger Hill.

Sikkim awaits you with incredible trekking opportunities in the face of the majestic eight-thousander Kanchenjuga. Don't miss the famous Rumtek Monastery in the capital, Gangtok, or the ancient village of Gokhas and historic Yuksom.

Yuksom, today a model site for ecotourism. Live in boutique style in the former mansion in the middle of a tea plantation or move on foot from one Sikkim village to the next and spend your nights in traditional guesthouses, authentic, comfortable and exclusive.

Whether a Sikkim trek to the most beautiful peaks or a Darjeeling tour through unique tea plantations. We are the experts for extraordinary trips to the hidden beauties and high-quality accommodation of Sikkims and Darjeeling.

Dream places full of natural beauty and cultural wealth are just waiting for you!
Luxury travel interpreted in a wild and casual way. Goosebumps for experienced and discerning travelers. Trek in the face of the majestic eight-thousander Kanchenjuga and let yourself be inspired by this very special piece of earth!

Each of our Darjeeling & Sikkim trekking trips are unique - designed to give you the trip of a lifetime. From the route, to personalization, to the most breathtaking accommodations that blend in perfectly with the environment.

We tailor everything exactly to your taste, until you say: That's exactly how I imagined it!

Luxury travel Darjeeling: wild and casual. Inspiration for world changers. Experience stories that reflect and enrich your personality. Unforgettable.

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Toy train through tea plantations

The narrow-gauge Toy Train: UNESCO World Heritage Site and definitely the best way to explore the wonderful tea plantations of Darjeeling!

Let the steaming locomotive roll you up the picturesque hills, look out the window and marvel at the sheer beauty of the bright green tea plantations, framed on the horizon by the majestic, snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

A look into the distance that you will never forget!

Trekking with a view of Kanchenjuga

The Kanchenjuga, also called King of the Mountains, is one of the fascinating 8 thousand peaks on this planet and undisputedly one of the most spectacular mountains of all.

During your trek you will witness the unique and contrasting landscape of Sikkim. From the lush green of the tropical jungle to the radiant white of the mountain peaks - variety, fascination and pure goose bumps!


"Darjeeling, the one land that everyone wants to see, and once seen - even if only for a moment - that impression will be above all other impressions that the whole world can bring you together." - Mark Twain.

The perfect mixture of a natural setting that takes your breath away, the tea plantations inherited from generation to generation, the essence of the locals and the inevitable romance that hovers in the air - it can be described as magical, surreal or fairytale-like, but remains unforgettable it always.

Darjeeling - experience it for yourself!


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

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