old monasteries & toy trains

Luxury travel Sikkim & Darjeeling. Sikkim - wild and casual. Simply unforgettable. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like Dr. Julia Malchow.

Immerse yourself in the world of the "Champagne of the East", roll up the glorious, bright green tea hills with the legendary Toy Train, experience an unforgettable sunrise over Mount Everest, meet the Glenburn Family at the Glenburn Tea Estate Boutique Hotel know and learn more about the Buddhist faith, the oldest temples and the indigenous people of Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Delhi spreads out beneath you in all its beauty and welcomes you - as only Delhi can - with colorful markets, golden palaces, ringing rickshaws and imposing statues of gods. Stop at the sight of the Red Fort, experience the hustle and bustle around the Friday mosque Jama Masjid and pay tribute to the soldiers who fell in the war while looking at the Gate of India.

Set foot on the 2,585 m high Tigers Hill in Darjeeling, look into the distance and enjoy an unforgettable performance: the unique sunrise over the legendary Mount Everenst and Mount Kanchenchuga. The sky is slowly turning red, the imposing mountains begin to shine and the white snow on the peaks shimmers like a sea of diamonds in the face of the first rays of sunshine! Memorize this picture well - you will never let go of it!

Turn back the years and feel like a child again as soon as you roll up the tea bush covered hills of Darjeeling in the legendary narrow-gauge Toy Train. Be amazed at the beauty of this panorama picture and do not miss the opportunity to savor the true "Champagne of the East"!

Come back and let the unique atmosphere of the romantic tea plantations live on at the Glenburn Tea Estate Boutique Hotel. Feel like you have been transported back in the last century in the home of an English or Scottish aristocratic family and learn more about the passion for tea cultivation of the Glenburn Family - including Indian hospitality and a lot of warmth! You won't be able to help but feel right at home here!

Immerse yourself in the oldest monasteries in the country in Pelling and Gangtok, learn more about the Buddhism that is lived here and get to know the country and its people from a closeness that you would never have thought possible.
Dusty Tibetan manuscripts, traditional craftsmanship and techniques that are passed on from generation to generation - they are genuine experiences that will breathe new inspiration, make your unforgettable trip even more authentic and conjure up unique experiences that will adorn your souvenir photos for a long time.

Family S.

Costa Rica - 2021

Dear Unforgettable Journeys team,

in the meantime we have arrived back safely in Berlin. On this way many thanks for the very good organization of the trip to Greece - also for organizing the various restaurant reservations at short notice.
All in all, we really, really enjoyed the trip and will definitely remember it for a long time to come.


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