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Himalaya luxury travel - intense, spiritual, casual

The Himalayan region is a place of longing for many people in search of inspiration. The world's largest mountain range, with its ten eight-thousanders, including the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, separates South Asia from the rest of the continent.

Experience an adventure above the clouds - the secluded landscape with all its beauties, the tradition of the country and its spirituality. Discover monasteries and hike through green mountain landscapes. Visit original villages and get to know the warmth of the local population.

Stay in a luxurious mountain resort and fly by helicopter for an exclusive breakfast in front of the backdrop of Mount Everest.

Luxury travel Himalaya. Experience luxury, wild and casual. Experience stories that reflect and enrich you and those around you. From the luxury travel pioneer.

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Meditation & Astrology

Not far from the capital Thimpu, in an idyllic location and in keeping with the characteristic mysticism of this country, immerse yourself in the teaching of astrology in the Pangri Zampa Lhakhang Monastery.

Here, where around 100 monks are initiated into the comprehensive secrets of the stars and constellations, you will experience - paired with the art of meditation - a unique encounter with students and scholars.

Unique and captivating at the same time!


Hardly any other country is as peculiar as Bhutan, because the nation's sport is actually archery - and inevitably embodies part of national pride.

From an early age everyone learns how to use a bow and arrow and how to hit the center of the target as precisely as possible. Accordingly, this sport fills every free minute of every Bhutanese.

Take part in an archery lesson, memorize the tips and tricks that the master will reveal to you and thus pack a part of the local culture in your travel backpack - experiences and impressions that no one can take away from you.

Rafting in the Zanskar River

Gigantic rock walls tower up to the right and left, before and after you your rafting company in their rubber dinghies and every now and then you catch a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas - rafting in the Zanskar River:

A fantastic mix of thrills and impressive scenic beauty.

Potala Palace in Lhasa

The winter palace of the former Dalai Lama and the majestic symbol of Lhasa rises high up on the great "Red Mountain":

The Potala Palace. A total of 13 floors and 999 rooms will amaze you. This breathtaking monument exudes a very special aura and guards the capital of Tibet like an imaginary protector.

Just the sight of it conjures up goosebumps, makes you dream and quietly tells you a story that is thousands of years old.


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