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Luxury travel Mongolia - luxury adventure, wild and casual

Experience Asia's true wilderness, Mongolia! Ride with the great Kazakh eagle hunters. Shop for the finest cashmere at the markets, venture into the Gobi Desert or climb to the top of the Khongoryn Els dunes.

Take a camel ride to the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag, the world's largest dinosaur cemetery. Explore Bogd Khaan's stunning Winter Palace in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Drive to the ruins of Karakorum, the capital of Genghis Khan, visit the reindeer herders of Tsaatan and admire the majestic Lake Khövsgöl.

Spend the nights in luxurious hotels and traditional yurt camps equipped with all amenities.

Extreme. Nomadic. Confusing.

The rough Gobi desert, home of the two-humped camels. The majestic, glaciated Altai Mountains, home of the famous Kazakh eagle hunters. The untouched rolling hills of the steppe and the majestic lake Khövsgöl as well as the reindeer herders of Tsaatan. Mongolia is an unpacked adventure.

Luxury and individual travel Mongolia, luxury adventure wild and casual. Inspirations for people who change the world. Experience unforgettable stories.

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Yak trekking

Your luggage is loaded, the yak cart is set up and your trekking in the Khan Khentii National Park begins, accompanied by your own yak caravan.

Wind your way through bright green meadows, enchanting hilly landscapes and lush larch and birch forests.

Don't miss the opportunity and immerse yourself in the life of the nomads and feel closer to nature and carefree than ever before!


You drift along the river through exhilaratingly beautiful canyons. The scenery - simply breathtaking.

Limestone cliffs, white water, rapids, fun and thrills at the same time.

Also small, fully-equipped River Ger Camps along a scenic river.

Trans-Siberian Railway

It connects Moscow with Vladivostok, making it the longest continuous railway connection in the world and undoubtedly a true legend:

The Transsib, one of the most exciting ways to get to Mongolia.
Let your gaze wander out of the window and marvel at the unimaginable vastness of the Mongolian steppe landscape, which spreads out in front of you and forms a breathtaking backdrop.

An experience that gives your trip a very special charm and definitely makes it unforgettable.

Camel trekking

In the eastern Gobi desert, in the Ikh Nart nature reserve, a camel caravan is waiting for you.

Loaded with your mobile, very comfortable yurt, provisions and your luggage, you make your way through the exciting landscapes of the protected area.

The bizarre rock formations, the old tombs and ruins, the sand dunes and the rare Argali sheep:

Unique, surprising and captivating - you will be speechless!

Buddhist monasteries

Mongolia has always been shaped by Buddhism, but this religion has not yet flourished again for a long time.

The around 100 monasteries adorn the city and the countryside, give Mongolia a certain mysticism and, above all, represent the right place to immerse yourself in the religious culture of the country.

Let yourself be carried away into another world, get to know Mongolia from another side and you will be fascinated.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Mongolia best travel time

In general, the time from May to October is considered the best time to travel to Mongolia. Here you move the temperatures in a pleasant field.

The time difference compared to Central European Time (CET) is + 6 hours in the west, + 7 hours in the center and + 8 hours in the east. During the summer time, the time difference from Germany is - 1 hour in each case.

language in Mongolia

The official language is the Mongolian language. In the West, Turkish languages are sometimes used, there are still many Russian offshoots and English has been taught since 2005. About 30,000 Mongolians also speak German as a second foreign language.

Eating and drinking in Mongolia

The food culture of the Mongols is based directly on that of the country's nomads. In the nature of Mongolia, vegetables and fruits have almost no chance, which is why the focus is mostly on meat and dairy products.

people of Mongolia

Everyone associates two words with the Mongols: hospitality and pride. There is no family who does not immediately invite you to their nomad tent and no resident who is not incredibly proud of Mongolia, its nature and its rich history.

Mongolia entry requirements

For a trip to Mongolia you need a passport that is valid for at least six months. As a German citizen, you do not need a visa as long as you do not spend more than 30 days in the country.

Mongolia travel with unforgettable journeys

Mongolia harbors fascinating landscapes and impressive people. On our Mongolia trips you will find a unique combination of extraordinary camps, expressive nature and wildly casual interpretation of luxury.

You immerse yourself in the life of the nomads and move through the vastness of the landscape with yak carts. You sleep in yurts and experience unique landscapes that reflect the diversity of the country, desert, steppe, mountains and green hilly landscapes that inspire.

With our Mongolia trips, you are not only a spectator of the nomadic way of life, but also experience it up close: yak trekking in the grass steppes or camel trekking in the Gobi desert. You will fish and raft from camp to camp on the pristine wild rivers in Hövsgöl and climb the sacred mountains of Altai.

Breathtaking outdoor adventures are combined with unusual luxury in filigree glass yurt buildings around Ulaanbaatar and exclusive flexible 360° yurt camps that immerse you in the authentic tradition of this unknown country.

You will experience the unique charm and fascination of the Trans-Siberian Railway, with which you drive almost meditatively through the slowly changing landscape.

We design your dream Mongolia trip individually according to your wishes and needs, so that you remain absolutely flexible. We are experts in traveling to Mongolia, so we know the most beautiful places and mobile camps and combine them with what you can only dream of.

We design your entire stay and give you unforgettable moments with unforgettable journeys.

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