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Nepal travel - wild, casual, intense

From the green jungle to snow-capped mountains, from Mount Everest to ancient and exhilarating Kathmandu - Nepal is a place of dreams. Explore the rich ecosystems of the low-lying forests, savannas, meadows and wetlands of the Terai valleywhich is home to a wide variety of wildlife.
Make your way to the Inner Terai of Chitwan National Park, one of the last refuge for the endangered Indian rhinoceros.

Board a helicopter over the Himalayas enjoy a breathtaking breakfast with a spectacular view of Mount Everest as a backdrop. Take a yak caravan on the ancient Silk Road with traditional nomads and meet locals in remote villages to learn about the secrets and myths surrounding the yeti.

Indulge in the most beautiful Spa lodges pamper yourself or enjoy the peace and quiet in a secluded monastery.

Intoxicating, high. Confusing. Nepal is a history lesson of adventure.

Nepal is the highlight adventurous Asian travel. The capital in the Himalayan Valley offers an incredible cultural and artistic heritage at every turn, from the cool Temples to the glowing courtyards.
Enjoy your lunch with a view of the Mount Everest with the abbot of Tengboche monastery. Land at the legendary Everest Base Camp.

Enjoy a traditional evening with a local Nepalese community.

Nepal & Mustang luxury travel - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments actively and with pleasure. Travel like the travel pioneer Julia Malchow.

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Durbar Square in Bhaktapur

Nepal's cultural capital, Bhaktapur, harbors a unique treasure: Durbar Square.

This place presents itself with an abundance of temples and palaces that you would not have thought possible. If these imposing works of art could speak, they would tell unique stories from the early 18th century.

But you don't have to be able to speak to emphasize its beauty and history, because the sight of it is enough to delve deep into the royal history of the extraordinary country of Nepal - a unique experience!

Chitwan National Park

In the south of Nepal, on the border with India, the country's first national park extends over 932 km2:

The Chitwan National Park. Here you will experience a clear, at the same time fascinating contrast to the snow-covered mountains and narrow valleys.

Admire the Bengal tiger, the rare Indian rhinoceros and the countless species of birds in this shelter!

On the back of an elephant you will also ride through overgrown paths, gain insights into the unique fauna and experience Nepal from a surprising side.

Nepal Reısen: Mount Everest

In Nepali this imposing massif is called Sagarmatha - “the forehead of heaven”. And rightly so.

It can be found in the list of 14 eight-thousanders and the Seven Summits, separates Nepal from Tibet and is closer to heaven than anything else on this planet. We're talking about the legendary Mount Everest.

The sharp edges, the white-shimmering snow, the steel blue sky and the terrifying size of the mountain - this grandiose image will be imprinted on your mind and create a unique memory that you will certainly not forget!

Nuwakot the famous farm

In a small place not far from Kathmandu, you will experience Nepal's rural charm like nowhere else.

The romantic village of Nuwakot Bazaar is home to a fairytale farm, high up on a green rice terrace.
Spend your time here and enjoy the incomparable view of the valley and the King's Square Nuwakot Durbar.

The enchanting atmosphere, the authentic furnishings and the incomparable hospitality make this accommodation a very special retreat that you will love.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Nepal & Mustang weather

The weather in Nepal can vary greatly due to the different altitudes. The best time to travel with the best view of the Himalayas are the months of September / November.

There are also good weather conditions from February to April. In December / January the sky is crystal clear, but it can get very cold. The remaining months of the year are quite uncomfortable due to the monsoons.

The time difference compared to Central European Time (CET) is plus 4 hours and 45 minutes. In Germany, summer time begins on the last Sunday in March and lasts until the last Sunday in October. During these months the time difference from Germany to Nepal is plus 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Language in Nepal & Mustang

There are around 30 different languages and dialects in Nepal. The official language is Nepali, a modified Hindi in the Deva Nagari script, based on Sanskrit.

However, Nepali is only the mother tongue of around 40 percent of the total population, around 55 percent can speak Nepali. Four percent speak Newari, the rest speak the various dialects. As a tourist you can get by very well with English in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Eating and drinking in Nepal & Mustang

The classic is “Dhal Bhat”: curry vegetables with lentil sauce and rice. The Nepalese dishes have influences from Indian and Chinese cuisine and are very varied.

Western food is also offered in larger cities. There are teahouses on every corner - there are also soft drinks such as cola and water.

People of Nepal

The Nepalese are known for their honesty, hospitality and their ability to grin and carry loads. Around 80 percent of the population are members of Hinduism.

oFurthermore, around 15 percent of the population are identified as Buddhists. A large part of the Nepalese population still lives well below the European subsistence level.

Entry requirements for Nepal

To enter Nepal you need a passport with a validity of at least six months. You also need a visa, which must be applied for in advance at a Nepalese diplomatic mission abroad (Nepalese embassy in Berlin).

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