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Portugal is one of the most emotionally sensual countries in Europe. We love it for unforgettable pleasure experiences in Porto, the Douro Valley or in the interior of the Alentejo. For sensational, secret trekking and biking routes in the Centro of Portugal, near Lisbon in Sintra and also in the rarely visited Arrabida National Park.

The wonderful beaches in the Algarve and the Alentejo, which invite you to run, ride, surf and let yourself be blown away.

The cultural possibilities from traditional to edgy in Lisbon and Porto. The classic white houses paired with real farmhouse stays and delicious farm to table cuisine.

Float in a hot air balloon to the wine tasting, reach your high-quality pick nick by rafting in wonderful seclusion. Treat yourself to a creative kick with the wonderful variety of designs and architecture in Portugal's hotels.

Have you ever thought of spending New Year's Eve in the landscape of the wintry, surreal Azores? With unforgettable journeys you will experience Portugal from an insider's perspective and with numerous wonderful surprises.

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Unforgettable landscape diversity actively and by road trip

The vineyards of the Douro, the mountains of the Centro, the hills of the Alentejo, the dramatic coast from Lisbon to the Alentejo to the Algarve - let yourself be intoxicated by your personal selection from this wild and casual variety

Casual boho beach style in the deluxe version: sophisticated lifestyle a la Portuguese

Let go, digital detox, discover a wonderful balance and relax in the midst of nature.

Imagine fresh, creative farm to table cuisine and wonderful wines. Think olive trees in bathrooms, large windows overlooking the sand dunes and the stunning blue ocean.

Your private terrace with your own pool and a crackling fireplace.

Sensational insider tip trekkings paired with stylish accommodations

Conquer the mountains of the Serra da Estrela while hiking and climbing and discover the most spectacular insider tip accommodations - a true trekking paradise!

By balooning to the wine tasting

Float in your hot air balloon over the breathtaking nature of the Douro Valley.

You land directly at a winery, where a fantastic sample of the famous Portuguese wines awaits you - adventure combined with enjoyment.

On horseback to the glamping pick nick on the wild dream beach

The feeling of freedom: galloping on a horse on the dream beach and at some point a wonderful glamping pick nick in a lonely bay - we know where.

With the kids on a skateboard, surf and SUP adventure

The combination of doing sport together, learning a new sport and drifting in a wonderful setting and stimulating atmosphere can completely inspire family life and conjure up shining eyes in satisfied, tired faces.

Sailing on the Douro

Wine, hiking, pleasure - round off your days with a relaxing sailing tour on the Douro.

Let the light wind ruffles you and set you free for the thoughts that come.

From winery to winery by bike

A synthesis of pleasure and adventure. Cruising casually through the vineyards, stopping here and there and enjoying the wine, the wonderful architecture and the view.

Let yourself be enchanted by our secret route.

Island hopping in the Algarve

From island to island by yacht with a well-stocked pick nick basket, chilling for a few hours on a private island and enjoying good wine and grilled fish.

There are so many variations on the perfect beach day, which one is yours?

Private villas with WOW factor and service

Experience the WOW factor in our individually selected private villas and hotels - whether casual bohemian style, modern boutique chic or classic Portuguese cabana.

Tickle all the senses: combine medieval cities with farmhouse stays

Photo Credit: Feliciano Guimarães on Flickr
Immerse yourself in the fascinating centuries-old history of Portugal and combine culture with traditional, charming accommodation - experience Portugal in its purest form.


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Portugal weather and best time to travel

Portugal invites you to travel all year round, thanks to its temperate maritime climate, of course depending on which region of the country you are traveling to.

In the north of the country, in the area around Porto, the climate is generally a bit cooler and also more humid. Therefore, the summer months are warm here, but relatively moderate. The winters, on the other hand, are more rainy but mild.

The north-east of Portugal, with its mountains, offers cold winters with snow in the mountains and hot, dry summers.

The south of Portugal invites you with a Mediterranean climate, warm to hot summers, with a bathing season that lasts until October and mild winters, but here with precipitation.

In Madeira there is only a very small difference in temperature between the seasons.

Language in Portugal

Portuguese is the official language of Portugal. It is spoken in several other countries, mainly because of Portugal's long history as a colonial power, such as Brazil, Mozambique and Angola. Most of Portugal's population, around 96 %, speak Portuguese as their mother tongue. In Portugal, the language has ten unique dialects. Portuguese is used in all walks of life in the country, from writing to much of communication in business and daily interactions. Most of the population also speaks English.

Eating and drinking in Portugal

As usual with all southerners, breakfast is a minor matter, it mainly consists of a coffee with a pastry.

Fish makes up a large part of Portuguese cuisine, not surprisingly, thanks to its coastal location. The most popular are the "bacalhau" (stockfish) and "sardinhas" (sardines) in countless variations, as well as seafood that is freshly prepared.

By the way: when strolling through the streets, watch out for the many historical and traditional "sardine shops".

Soups and stews are also very popular with the Portuguese. Try “caldo verde-2” and, in the Algarve, dishes from the “cataplana”.

Portugal is particularly famous for its fantastic pastries, the sweet custard tart "Pastell de Nata", an addicting delicacy - for example in Lisbon there are many pastry shops where these are prepared every second and can then be consumed fresh and warm.

Portugal is known to be associated with the famous port wine. But that's not all: Portugal has many wine-growing regions, such as the Douro Valley (oldest wine-growing region in the world), the Alentejo and the Algarve. Enjoy excellent white and red wines as well as the sweet Madeira wine.

Coffee culture is very important in Portugal, whether bica (espresso) or galao (milk coffee), coffee is always drunk, whether in the morning or after a rich dinner.

People of Portugal

Portugal is a land of sailors and poets. The country has a long colonial history and some famous writers, such as the Nobel Prize winner for literature, Jose Saramago, and is a very religious country. Up to 95% of the population are Catholics, which is also reflected in the many magnificent cathedrals and monasteries in Portugal.

Portuguese are excellent hosts, always open, cheerful and polite. The family is sacred, time with friends is celebrated. The Portuguese likes to talk, works hard and is incredibly crazy about football.

In Portugal, as in many southern countries, the clocks tick differently. Relaxed, chilled, relaxed are attributes that apply. Get infected!

The Portuguese are a proud people, and this is particularly evident in the preservation of their old traditions and culture, such as fado.

Portugal is part of the EU, so the EURO is also the country's currency. 

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