Lonely, indomitable, and rarely visited, Katavi is an unspoiled, authentic wilderness. It offers the intrepid few souls who end up there an exciting taste of Africa that must have been like that a century ago. Tanzania's third largest national park. It is located in a remote area in the southwest of the country, in a cut arm of the Rift Valley that ends in the shallow, brooding expanse of Lake Rukwa. Katavi's dramatic scenery is as diverse as it is flawless. Numerous hippos and birds live in the flooded areas with dense reeds and dense waterways. In the forests to the west, herds of buffalo and elephants cavort. Seasonal lakes fill with water after the rain and animals from all corners of the park descend to drink. The park is also home to rare species of roan and sable antelope and is a must-see for visitors looking to explore the continent's wilderness, and in the dry season, when the tides recede, Katavi really comes to life. The katuma, reduced to a shallow, muddy trickle, is largely the only source of drinking water, and the flanking floodplains therefore support wildlife concentrations.

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family B

Costa Rica - 2021

Dear Julia,

here is my almost traditional feedback mail. Long and detailed, but hopefully valuable for you.
As always, it was a great holiday and in these special times, appreciated even more by all of us than the other great trips. For me it was one of our best family vacations ever, because we had such a harmonious time as a family. Here in Hamburg we hang out together 24/7, but Lapland was different. Great conversations, many shared experiences during activities and above all a lot of childlike joy in nature and the simple things like sliding down the hill from the Safari Camp with plastic sheeting.


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