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Trekking & Adventure Travel. Ladakh & Tibet - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

This trip is a unique combination of Ladakh - which is also called Little Tibet and, compared to its namesake, is allowed to practice the more unadulterated Buddhism - Tibet will move and stimulate you in the long term. The perfect mix of accommodations - sometimes an authentic, luxurious, private house, sometimes a monastery stay, a tent camp or a small, extraordinary boutique lodge - round off your experience and deepen the impression that shapes the culture and landscape.

As if out of a fairy tale, the picturesque village of Nimoo on Ladakh's high plateau is probably the most enchanting starting point for a journey full of authenticity, tradition and deep Buddhism. The majestic and snow-capped peaks, bright sunshine and a wonderfully blue sky greet you and give you a wonderful acclimatization time in Nimoo! Swing your backpacks on your back, lace up your trekking shoes and immerse yourself in a world full of Buddhist wisdom, monks and deep beliefs on the way to Likhir. Return to your Shakti house in the evening happy and pleasantly tired, let yourself be surprised by the accommodation and experience a stay that - paired with authenticity, luxury and uniqueness - will forever remain unforgettable.

Each of your Shakti houses are unique. They are a masterpiece made of dried blocks of clay and everyone who enters these houses will be fascinated by the special atmosphere without exception. This bundle of traditional construction, ancient art, style, elegance and a pinch of luxury will make your heart beat faster and underline the symbiosis between people and breathtaking nature again. Enjoy the sunset with a hot cup of tea, jam at the sight of the bright red mountains and feel as if you were in a dream.

Let the wild Indus River guide you and make your way along the west bank to Hemis. Visit the famous Hemis Monastery, immerse yourself in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and learn more about the way of life of the monks who live there during your stay.
High passes, wonderful views and countless stars in the Ladakhi sky are waiting for you on the way to Likhir. Look forward to unforgettable encounters at the Likhir Monastery, take part in the morning rituals of the monks and see the imposing Stok Kangri and realize how powerful and captivating these natural beauties can be!

Pack your seven things full of anticipation and let yourself be welcomed by the city of the gods Lhasa in Tibet, by the Potala Palace in Lhasa, cast off your mind by Lake Namsto and catapulted into pure pampering in the thermal springs of Tidrum! They are landscapes and masterpieces from bygone times that project you into another world full of new encounters, fill your backpacks with breathtaking photo motifs and your hearts with unforgettable experiences and impressions - you will live on them for a lifetime!

Ilka H.

Costa Rica - 2021

Although the travel planning with Julia was only done by phone and email, the planning was perfect! Through targeted and correct questions, Julia quickly understood what goals I was pursuing with the trip, what needs I had and what makes me happy. For me I can say that the chemistry was right and that made a lot of things easier. The trip was perfectly planned, perfectly executed and met all my needs! I have never regretted a penny I spent on this trip. I have never felt so free in my life as during these 4 weeks in South America!

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