through three Himalayan states to the highlights of a fascinating world

Luxury and individual travel Bhutan. Nepal & Bhutan - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

On this journey you will gradually become infected with the enthusiasm for the Himalayan region. Experience a unique mix of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet - a cocktail of culture, nature and mysticism of a very special kind that you are guaranteed not to let go of!

Nepal, well hidden in the depths of the Himalayan mountains and kingdom of mountains, reveals dazzling mountain ranges and one of the coolest capital cities of all: Kathmandu. Feel serenity and admire this city, where Hinduism in particular has created a living home for its deities.

Fascinated by Nepal, travel on to Bhutan. Here, in the land of the thunder kite, the descent over the roofs of Paros begins. Linen hanging on a line, fields, terrace slopes, tall pines and a spirituality that can be grasped with your hands - “kuzu zangpo la” in Bhutan! From Paro via Thimphu you finally get to Punakha. Your way there leads you over the Dochu La Pass, where an incomparable panorama spreads in front of you: countless stupas, prayer flags waving in the wind and the imposing mountain range of the Himalayas on the horizon - simply to fall in love with! Explore Punakha with the majestic Punakha Dzong and let yourself be carried away by the unique atmosphere. The circle is full and you drive back to Paro - an absolute highlight of your trip is waiting for you: the legendary Tiger's Nest. Where the revered spiritual guru Ringpoche once meditated, admire this incredible structure and pause, because this monastery is one of the most sacred places in the entire kingdom.
Nepal calls and you drive back to Kathmandu, from where you leave for Tibet after a short stay in the footsteps of the Hindu gods. Visit the oldest monastery in the country in Samye and then continue to Lhasa - the city of wonders.
The winter palace of the Dalai Lama, the Potala Palace, rises on the Red Mountain and appears as a manifestation of a world incomprehensible to us: that of Tantric Buddhism, which created an unforgettable monument here. Discover the 999 rooms of the palace for yourself and immerse yourself in this captivating mysticism. A clear contrast to the golden roofs of the Potala Palace glistening in the sun is certainly the Nam Tso Lake. As the highest salt lake in the world at 4,700 meters and in a heavenly landscape, this excursion destination is probably one of your most lasting experiences on your trip. The indescribable silence gives the panorama an even more intense shape and you have no choice but to stand there speechless - simply goose bumps!
You are heading south to Mount Everest, because trekking to the base camp is an absolute must! You stand humbly in front of the steep, angular north face of the highest mountain in the world and feel the very special atmosphere yourself.

Back to Kathmandu, look back on what you have experienced before you start your journey home enriched and full of new strength and inspiration.

family B

Costa Rica - 2021

Dear Julia,

here is my almost traditional feedback mail. Long and detailed, but hopefully valuable for you.
As always, it was a great holiday and in these special times, appreciated even more by all of us than the other great trips. For me it was one of our best family vacations ever, because we had such a harmonious time as a family. Here in Hamburg we hang out together 24/7, but Lapland was different. Great conversations, many shared experiences during activities and above all a lot of childlike joy in nature and the simple things like sliding down the hill from the Safari Camp with plastic sheeting.


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